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February 10, 2014 - Ex0637

Being Coached!!!

Being coached SUCKS BIG TIME!!! I had to be coached so many different times on so many different things, it was so annoying. I was coached on red cards, taking too long to clean the restroom, keeping guest service and food avenue clean.

Now the red cards I guess I understand being coached on that, but the other things, I was annoyed with those. Taking too long to clean the restroom that gets cleaned once an hour and is used by 60+ people in that hour sounds a tad bit ridiculous to me. There would be feces on the floor, blood on the wall and urine on the toilet seats. Who can just clean that in 3 minutes? That right there depending on how many stalls are messed takes about 11 minutes. I bleached the appropriate spots and did the cleaning thoroughly. It seemed like a really pressing matter, I mean there was FECES ON THE FLOOR!!! After I had finished, I was pulled aside by a GSTL into one of the offices and was asked why it took so long to finish the women’s restroom. I explained and she proceeded with a 5 minute speech about the importance of getting back to the check lanes so the sales floor doesn’t have to be called for back up. I’m dragging this out but all I could really say was there was FECES ON THE FLOOR!!! Why was that enough of an excuse for me taking extra time to clean the restroom? Then a guest complained that the restroom smelled like bleach and I had to be coached again. I was furious!


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    "...she proceeded with a 5 minute speech about the importance of getting back to the check lanes so the sales floor doesn’t have to be called for back up."

    At my store the bathrooms are cleaned by the cleaning crew and the cart attendants, and sales floor is there to cover checklanes. I would look into what the "best practice" (ugh, I cringed a little typing that) is and see if you can use the company against them in that regard.

    • Barytone says:

      The cart attendant is required to a "restroom checkup" every hour (there is even a little call button that they have to press to let the LOD know it has been done).

      Now that usually is just to clean up the floor, empty the trash, and restock supplies but I know our cart attendants does a wash down at least twice a day.

  • Silverfox says:

    Jeez, some customers are never happy. They want this! And when you do that. They go no no I want it the other way! And then when you comply, they go no no no! I don't want it anymore! There are people who mis-read signs or don't read it carefully and then argue you about it. Or argue over a mere 2 cents difference. Got to the point where the customer behind said customer said, i'll pay the danged 2 cents, so he could get his order rung though. Or they don't have enough money and keep rummaging though their pockets trying to spare change, and customer behind goes, sigh, i'll pay the rest of your bill.

  • Silverfox says:

    techically they are supposed to do everything from cleaning the bathrooms to doing baskets and carts. But most stores to make it more efficient, and have a couple people dedicated to cleaning the store. Rest of the group gets does carts, carryouts and baskets. Most often i notice they have the slightly r******d dude do the cleaning and let everyone else do the other harder stuff. Cleaning washrooms doesn't require much brain power.

  • xfreakygamer says:

    It's hard when they make Food Ave team members clean the restrooms. It's like ok let me drop everything I'm doing and go and clean the bathrooms. Ive asked why we have to do it and not the cashiers and their response was "I cant afford giving up anyone right now." Let me just leave my work station and have people stand and wait and wonder why no ones at food ave waiting for food all the time. I feel like a cart attendant with everthing they make food ave do. Re shopping one spot, vacuuming the cart area. bringing in carts. Taking care of baskets. and cleaning restrooms.


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