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October 4, 2015 - TarSecret

Been at target for 2 years I know the game well at this shit hole

I guess you can call me a ass kisser. First of all I love this site everything ppl say about target is true. I am well your going to dislike this post one of the ass kissers’ I play the game well tho. I been in retail for 3 years total tho so I know the game. Let me just start off I love this site. I am with you guys also. I am a cashier and fuck the red cards and the guests. Once you come in here you can hardly breathe. Managers do play favorites tho that is a FACT. I am one of my store favorites well let me tell you why . I started out at 8.26/hourly now I make 9.25 in one year ‘ which keeps me staying in hell till I get my Property license at a insurance company. Look I’m not here to be like “oh ya I like target and all you are just bad workers” no I’m here to tell you what it’s all about which some may know. First of all managers have there favorites . I don’t call off often sometimes tho ..omg I seen 3 cashiers fired for that . But one called off like 3x a month. That’s no Bueno. But let’s see all these older men here are perverted you have no idea and there my managers. I’m 24 young and lovely it comes a price. $$ tho. Now I’m no whore But if I say “this etl keeps touching me ” Ha the HR don’t give a shit there find a way to fire me some day. So see I know how HR works always takes the ETl side at target shit. I been sexually  harassed “rubbed on back by my stl eww I can feel his hands on me that one day. Another etl when I was buying Starbucks came around out there hand cuffed my shoulder came around and said “you getting me that ;)” leaning me near his body my team lead just stares but doesn’t do a thing prolly cause their a ETL. My stl and I shared desert one time at the table and when we closed we passed by each other and started to grab each other’s hand. Can’t lie I did have a crush on my STL last year not nomore  Evan tho my stl was married. But hello see how crooked these managers are my stl is married and we’re playing “let’s see if we can hold each other when the lights are off …” Creepy oh my stl flirts with me at times but gives me what I put my availability to not work  on FRidays  and got approved really that does now happen with everyone! and all my time off gets approved also. It keeps me at my job. But I am a ass kisser I always tell my etls how their day are in their 40″s are one of em offered to help fix my car. But I said no thank you lol. ” I get away with more shit then team members. So see managers do play favorites I prolly had all my LOD”s who are married and 40 something have there hands on me. Sometimes my back one of em always runs or pats my back. Other one on both of shoulders. One of em always winging at me when they see me..They see my stl put there hands on me so they do it too. Do you guys see how backwards this company is..!!! Now see favoriosm plays a big part or being a Target whore .lol yes I called myself that before any of you do but it’s not what you think I’m just showing you that some ETL”s are horny dads lol  . There are there 3 cashiers they been there the same time since 2005 two of em doesn’t work the weekends one of em does… But let me tell you whys he talks so much fucking shit! About the store and others. Keep your mouth shut if you work for target don’t talk about he company their do it on here. You can’t trust noon their. 2 years and I hate mostly everyone know. Especially that GSA who runs the front ur flirts with her ex from the grocery department . Like really do your job and get off his dick already. Or him stop coming to the front to flirt wth your ex and do your fucking job. Ugh or like if you wanna flirt than why you break up with her oh I know why she’s a BItCh!! And red cards fuck red cards I try to get one a week but 5% really. Oh cool I save 70 cents whoops fucking doo! And those guests that get mad for checking their coupons “oh you check coupons I don’t like that let me speak to your manager “. Why cause your a lying bitch whose trying to rip me off I’d gladly call the GSA to show how stupid you are for complaining Over that. Oh yeah I’m not liked by some why cause my managers say “good morning :)” or “how it going:)  ‘”  why ., cause In there mind there prolls think “I love how that target slut lets me touch her the things I’d do to her in my office let me rub her back when she’s alone  . See How those older men think cause they don’t get a lot of affection from their wives cause they always at target. while some of the cashiers get just a black space at them”-_-” my good friend slemtimes dislikes how the supervisor smiles at me and chats with me but never her and she is a hard worker. I am too but she deserves credit. See how backwards this red hell store is. I cried 2x here one cause of my crush liked someone else the other cause my gstl put me down made me feel like shit all cause I didn’t get one red card for a week. I hated my GSTL so bad like he came from being a team lead never started out from the bottom. He’s like “look at Tami she gets compliments all the time k don’t hear nothing from you!” Mother fucker she been here for 7 years I been here for one of course everyone knows her ass dumb f****t! Plus I’m not required to get guest compliments it’s only if they want to. Swear if I had no car payment I would of threw my name tag at his face. Fuck I will never forget that day. I cried cause I had my glasses on and a smile on my face and that piece of shit made me feel low. But it’s OKAY cause he’s gone now he left cause he got passed on for a ETL by Kenny I miss Kenny he was really nice but my old GSTL got passed on over a ETL position at Target lmao… See he left to Sprouts on a assistant manager . I will never forget when my GSTL. Said “target had its chance” I’m like you prolly didn’t get it cause you treat ppl like shit . And everyone hates you. Oh ya you fucked that slut in guest service and Starbucks who was 2x younger then you. Oh ya ppl get let go for absences o say calm out when you truly need it . But hey it’s target there’s other jobs if they fire you realize that’s not a good job to be in managers should understand “shit  happens” the guest can suck it fuck your coupons and you wic checks oh ya and red cards can eat my ass. I can’t wait to leave next year . My brain is killing me never be. Cashier here you will ducking regret it “can I please zone” no stay in your box till its time to go. Oh yeah. I don’t go in on my day off and stay later maybe one time I have lol why… My last retail job I did and didn’t get more hours and don’t even work there. If they yell at you fuck them tell them give me $12.00 than . Why stay late when your going to go home and watch porn while I’m here stressing my mind dealing with these kids yelling and this mom yelling at me cause I didn’t give 5 cents off her bag bitch do you live in a van or something Lol. I’m out I been here for a year and 4 months and look what I dealt with. Good Luck I still work here o got bills and where else job will I have where I can enjoy Friday nights.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    This has to be a troll post. If this is not a troll post I feel sorry for you. You have zero focus. You have zero direction. You're all over the place. It's impossible to understand what you're trying to say because you clearly don't even know what you're trying to say. All one can really gather from this long pointless uncoordinated rant is that you will sleep around to have Friday nights off.

    • KingDuken says:

      Just ignore TarSecret. Just another Target employee that hasn't gone to college or probably just dropped out of a junior college. That's usually the audience for people in their 20s who work at Target.

  • TarSecret says:

    Sleep around? Sorry I'm not like that and I was just ranting on how some bosses are pedophiles' and I didn't have to sleep around to get Friday nights off. I'm 24 and cute and a good employee maybe that's y.. Lol but how I like how you think I had sex with my boss to get what I wanted .

  • TarSecret says:

    I was just explaining what you have to do to survive in this company. Oh and I remember last SAtUrday oh ya I said Saturday my stl answered told him of an incident that going on in my family and he was like "well you can't make it you can't make it " I'm like "I'm sorry and he's like "thanks bye bye" didn't even get mad like I didn't even tell him I can't make it I just made a statement and i got the schedule time off but of course my stl likes me cause my stl told me nd this is the one that came up behind and rubbed my back all over I remember cause I was wearing nothing underneath my shirt . Lol see looks can be a charm do use that as your benefit

  • viciousdave says:

    I've been telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth forever to my job yet I get treated like shit from target. They say no that's not right to do to the guest. Hmm? Than why in the coupon news for cashiers does it say please check all coupons if not accepted to see why and if the person has the item than put it through, but if not do not accept it. Always ask guests for redcards, hmm and make the line slow so the 5 people waiting in my line have to wait even longer? NO WAY! I'm going to make it good for them and make it fast as I always have and I bag really good others have told me. But some old folks are stupid as crap and tell me no this plastic damn it I said this paper than in plastic, like WTF I'm just doing it nicely and light for you sir, but I need it my way now!!!! Like ok dude, why not go to walmart than you inconsiderate poor sapz! The job makes me angry from people and the leaders, they always treat me wrong even though I've always told the absolute truth to them, they just say yeah it says that but it doesn't matter we make final decision. No, how about I tell the Mineapolis headquarters you're not following coupon rules and your giving over 50 guests a day $10 to $20 dollars off? I bet a million dollars my leaders would get fired if I told on them.

  • hell0 says:

    Im sorry but you keep going on about how "cute" you are and how you were about to hold hands with ur stl and how u shared a desert together and how you had a crush on him but that he was married and your not a,slut well idk what to call you but your post seems fishy to me and mrsharknasty is right ur all overthe place and we cant figure out what it is your trying to say. Good luck in the future and maube next time learn to stop flirting with married men and every other man you work with and maybe you wouldnt be in the mess?.(no idea what ur trying to tell us really) ur in

    Wish you well

  • NotImportant says:

    What the fuck are you going on about? All I got was the whole "you want to be with your married stl" bullshit.


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