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March 25, 2015 - elephantine93

Back on my probationary

Normally, I clock in at 11 pm, and take my lunch at 3:59 am. For some reason, I clocked in at 10:59, and unknowingly, hit my 5th at 3:59. I’m never late, I never call off, haven’t had any no call, no shows. My fucking etl looked past all of that, and still made me sign a paper. If this only affects my ability to transfer, I don’t care. If I lose hours, I’m going to be heated. I could understand for a no call, no show, or even if i am an employee who doesn’t do his job. But I work my ass off for them, 5 nights a week. I know I can’t change this, but a warning seems more in line. They really willing to give me probation for this, and if I do it again, I’m fired. Wow, fuck target lol.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Guess what? File a complaint. Do you know who's responsibility it is for you to take your break during that time period? Your supervisor's, not yours. Target is required to comply with the labor laws, you're just an employee. Holding you accountable because they don't pay attention is bullshit. File a complaint with HR, and document it. Then file a complaint with the BBB, and your town.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol then spread the word around. Run them out of town like we did them!

  • TargetMinion says:

    What did you sign? It was probably the 1-31 compliance sheet. It's printed daily and ETLs are required to make anybody that misses a meal or takes a late meal sign it. It's Target policy. At my store they would go back and findout which ETL was working when that meal compliance occurred and reprimand them. Their PDA buzzes when somebody is about to go into compliance and it's THEIR job to call on the radio to make sure you're going to lunch before that happens. So if that's what you signed it isn't that big of a deal, it wasn't a write up. You can relax and not be worried, they aren't allowed to give anybody a "freebie" and not have them initial it because it was the first time in x amount of years that they went into compliance. Honestly it's just a waste of paper and Target should make it electronic and punish the LOD for not doing their job.

  • keepthevibealive says:

    What? although our LODS call for meal compliance every half hour..... I believe it's our own job to make sure we take a lunch. We're all adults here. But what I do find bs is...... 5 hours? I thought it was 6........... or does it vary by state


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