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December 31, 2017 - Tarshitreeks

Avoid This Shit Hole

Perhaps the most popular retail corporate like Tarshit should know how to treat it employees fare and equal also with its bullshit ethics that supposedly it stands by.
Let’s go back two years ago when Tarshit had to pay 2.8 million dollars to EEOC for a settlement of the discrimination towards people with disability. That’s right that is how this sleazy corporate got by paying such small amount of money. For many of us is a big amount of money but not for a damn corporate like this n the lawsuit should’ve asked for more. Just google Target 2.8 million EEOC and you’ll be surprised.
I have learning disability and I can do only certain jobs. When I applied for cashier position the person that interviewed me told me at the moment there are no openings for cashier but soft line has opening positions and as soon as the cashier position is available she will transfer me as a cashier.
When I started working I did not realize how difficult the soft-line tasks were for me and because there were multiple tests and there were so much to learn for me I have decided to bring in my ADA counselor not only for accommodations but also for coaching me. When I introduced my counselors to the soft-line TL her jaw felt on the floor and the eye contacts she was giving to my counselor was so unacceptable that I could see where this whole situation was gonna lead into. When my counselor offers the coaching to accommodate the team leader rejected her offer n under ADA that is illegal. The TL reply was they are working on new guideline booklet with photos that should help me and they dragged the preparation of new Training book just to torment me n make me feel belittled as possible as they could. After so many calls to my counselor they finally gave me the cashier position. Even since I got hired as a cashier Tarshit is trying hard to get rid of me by pulling excuses like there has been complains about me from guests n TM. Obviously Tarshit is scared of me not only because I know my rights under ADA but also I’m aware of new EEOC statue “retaliation”. I urge every Tarshit employee who feels is being mistreated and if any mistreatment fits under list of retaliation listed on the EEOC web site keep documenting everything n file complaints at your local EEOC office. Just yesterday I got called to the TL office about complaints that I mentioned in the beginning n wanted me to sign a paper that I will be under probation for certain amount of time. Had asked me to sign it and I asked him only if he gives me the copy n he refused I did not sign any paper n walked out. I have been in contact with an attorney that handles employment discrimination. Including I had already met with the EEOC investigator. I do not play games n I’m not gonna give up. Obviously it didn’t learn it lessens after the 2.8 million dollar settlement.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Signing a write up is not an admission of guilt. I do applaud you for insisting on a copy, but not signing can be consider insubordination that they can use against you. I recommend people to sign it but make a note on it that they do not agree with it. Even better do what this website says to do (Regardless by not signing it you hurt yourself and it may come back to bite you)

  • bigrog44 says:

    I believe Target mistreated me because of my disability so I know how you feel. I could have put a lawsuit on Target. I did call a law firm to ask them what to do about this situation, but I never really spoke to the right people even though they put me in the right direction.
    They are a few strikes against me on why Target always take to the back.
    1) I'm black.
    2) I have a disability.
    3) My age. They want someone who is healthier and younger.
    4) I have another job. They hate when I talk about my other job even though they bring it up.
    5) I am not an ass kisser.
    6) I like to have fun on the job as long as I get the work done. I do not like to feel that I'm a robot or a zombie when I'm at work.
    Target hates me because I'm not a yes man. I do my job and I do what I'm told, but that doesn't mean I have to kiss your ass. I have not kiss anybody's ass for the last 47 years and I'm not going to start now. It's great that you took the steps to do something about the situation. If they write you up and you don't agree with just write protest on the paper.

  • Tarshitreeks says:

    The attorney who’ll be handling the case told me they should’ve let me to have the copy and due to the TL that refused to make a copy I had a right to refuse signing. I have three pages of documents the way they’ve treated me from the time when my counselor had a talk with them to now. I don’t want this shit happen to anyone else.

  • premier says:

    I think there should be a class action suit, all they do is bully, discriminate and play favorites. I am so sick of it, I'm glad you said something about the EEOC, I will be doing this ASAP. They need to learn they can't do this to people. You can complain to corporate all you want but they don't do a damn thing. They need to pay people for all the years if mistreatment. If it has something to do with money, they'll pay attention.


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