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August 11, 2014 - Taz2532

Availability Change Denied!!!

okay so i am currently a Biology Pre-Med Major and Fall semester is coming. School is my top priority so I study about 25 hrs weekly when the semester comes by. I asked for my availability for school to be Sundays 8am-6, Mondays/Wednesdays 2pm-10pm, Tuesdays Thursdays Unavailable, Fridays 8-5pm, Saturdays available all day….This got denied because it was “Too Restrictive” when my max hours would be 17 Hrs and I asked an ETL and she just said because i wouldn’t get hours when Im only looking for 17 max… AND this new schedule is very similar to my last one and i need my schedule to be approved before school starts or else i won’t even bother coming to work when I’m not able to. its complete bullshit that they want people to commit their lives too them. So what should I do about this situation?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Keep trying to change your availability, and keep records of each time you try. Then strictly adhere to what you tell them your availability is. Let them try and fire you if they want, and collect unemployment if they do. That's better than quitting, and school is way more important than a shitty, dead-end job.

  • Bambii says:

    I've worked at target for 5 years and this year they finally approved my availability.I talked to my manager lods team leads ect they all gave me the same cant change your availability unless you want less hours or no job.Lets just say i had to find a psychologist and have them write me a note saying i need my availability approved because its causing health issues.Sad that is had to get that extreme to have one day off for the whole week...


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