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  • January 5, 2015 - BenedictAnders

    What to expect out of target. The Seasonal Review

    Right off the bat ill be completely honest, i only worked at Target for 2 1/2 almost 3 months so, people who have worked there longer than i have, good on you. The fact is i have worked shitty establishments like Best Buy (which to be fair wasn’t all that bad, just my location was a horrible store.) and other places that are retail stores with bad notoriety.

  • December 31, 2014 - BenedictAnders

    Hook Line and Sinker

    I made a post earlier about a few weeks or a month ago about target and i decided to be silent due to the fact that i was in my “freshman year phase” of target meaning i just started out at seasonal and had my gripes.

    Well, here is my ultimate shit list for target.

    I have worked my ass off for Target royally because frankly, i liked the job, i loved dealing with electronics even though they kept throwing me in Toys time and time again but, the people i worked with made the job enjoyable and i befriended nearly everybody i met.

  • December 10, 2014 - BenedictAnders


    Ill be the first to admit, i have worked worse jobs than target and no i am not here to kiss targets ass by any means, i have my gripes. I applied for target due to the fact heres the story

    Back in july i got into my first ever accident and remotely anything on my license. A person from out of state hit into me and totaled my car and insurance didn’t cover it. I had to do a bunch of paying back over $2000 and at the time it was manageable because i was working a job that was giving me weekly pay and manageable hours. As soon as i paid back my dues like that *snaps fingers* my hours were cut down to virtually nothing. So me being the kind person i am i didn’t quit my job i opted to find a 2nd job to help me save money for a car and that is where my Target story starts. I applied to target one day and immediately the day after i had a call for an interview. I went in and went through 3 interviews yes, 3 interviews on the same day. They were all nice people but, the fact was, i sat there for 2 hours while i told them i had class and it wouldn’t be long.