Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 10, 2014 - BenedictAnders


Ill be the first to admit, i have worked worse jobs than target and no i am not here to kiss targets ass by any means, i have my gripes. I applied for target due to the fact heres the story

Back in july i got into my first ever accident and remotely anything on my license. A person from out of state hit into me and totaled my car and insurance didn’t cover it. I had to do a bunch of paying back over $2000 and at the time it was manageable because i was working a job that was giving me weekly pay and manageable hours. As soon as i paid back my dues like that *snaps fingers* my hours were cut down to virtually nothing. So me being the kind person i am i didn’t quit my job i opted to find a 2nd job to help me save money for a car and that is where my Target story starts. I applied to target one day and immediately the day after i had a call for an interview. I went in and went through 3 interviews yes, 3 interviews on the same day. They were all nice people but, the fact was, i sat there for 2 hours while i told them i had class and it wouldn’t be long. So after everything was said and done they said i was highly qualified for the electronics department due to the fact i have worked as a sales person and worked tech stores before and have atleast 3 years of experience in that field ontop of my schooling. Yet they low ball me extremely with barely anything above minimum wage. I told them i simply couldn’t do that and that was absurd to even offer me that. They said that was the best they could do so i sucked it up and said okay. I have been working an average of 35-40 hours a week which has been nice, i didn’t mind working thanksgiving, black friday was absolute hell. The only main issues i have had are. I am the only one who knows what i am talking about in my department and everybody else got hired like me for seasonal and they get paid more with less experience than me. I kinda laughed awkwardly because these are the people that go to me for help, not the other way around. Even the LODS go to me for help and majority of the people in the store because i guess people aren’t as tech savy as i am. ┬áSo i thought it was kinda messed up.

The other thing is, I got 10 red cards my first week there because i am use to the whole “selling” technique and guess what i was rewarded with? Constantly having to “zone” toys and sporting goods over and over and over again. If you don’t work at target basically just because you work, cashier, blue world, green world or whatever doesn’t mean you are going to be in 1 area, you will be working the whole thing. So i am trying to do my job as an Electronics salesman but, i am stuck dealing with toys that i haven’t heard of or played with in over 8 years.


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  • Silverfox says:

    hmm given your high conversion rate, maybe they should stick you on a lane. xD

  • trashtalk says:

    I feel for you. They don't believe in specialists. They put anyone in electronics at our store regardless of what they know as they have only 2 that know the area. This multitasking thing at Target is getting old, whomever is working covers whatever they need covered. Flow are to provide great guest service while unpacking and carrying boxes and getting their shirts dirty in the process and working "speed is life" and sweating only to have a customer/guest respond to their "can I help you find something" with "yes you can get all these boxes out of the way!" Target sucks.

  • BenedictAnders says:

    yeah, i just think they don't like that i know my shit sometimes.

    I have been constantly thrown into toys to zone and reshop even during PEAK hours where its an absolute mad house with nobody in the Electronics department. For example we had someone quit and not show up for a shift and they had people from flow working the Electronics department and they needed my help but, instead the LODs for whatever reason have a fascination with me constantly zoning toys and reshopping toys.

    I said fuck it and i went to the department and i got 8 redcards in the span of 2 hours and nobody said shit to me because i made them $$ which nobody else in the department can do because nobody knows anything about Electronics!

    and i am not trying to be rude but, most of the people i work with in my department are old or are retired and don't know anything about the latest technology. So they go to me but, its hard going to me when i am always fucking zoning toys.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol they hound people to sign red cards and they chase the one that is an ace at selling them into the floor. No wonder they can't meet quota. i wouldn't help them. Let them not meet quota. Then the idiot will have to put you on when he gets nagged at signing up red cards.


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