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December 31, 2014 - BenedictAnders

Hook Line and Sinker

I made a post earlier about a few weeks or a month ago about target and i decided to be silent due to the fact that i was in my “freshman year phase” of target meaning i just started out at seasonal and had my gripes.

Well, here is my ultimate shit list for target.

I have worked my ass off for Target royally because frankly, i liked the job, i loved dealing with electronics even though they kept throwing me in Toys time and time again but, the people i worked with made the job enjoyable and i befriended nearly everybody i met.

I normally work 39 hours and everytime i get called in for help i always say yes because frankly i needed the money since i am off from school and my other job wasn’t giving me enough hours yada yada yada. I bent over backwards to show my worth, red card after red card ontop of amazing customer experience surveys i have received because this isn’t my first rodeo with retail. I have worked retail for 5 years since i was 17. I know the ins and outs of electronics and I am the only one who knows what they are talking about in the department besides one of my co workers. Everybody else doesn’t know TVs, laptops, tablets ect. People come to me for answers and this is where i become a sour grape.

I talked to the assistant store manager about a month ago saying how i wanted to say, they said how they would keep me past the holidays because they were impressed on how i knew my stuff and how good of a worker i was. Meanwhile they approached someone else who was in my orientation and gave him 1. more pay when he had LESS experience and i am getting paid .25 cents more than minimum wage with 4 years of experience. He also constantly called out and finally quit. So i was figuring well, if he could get the job well so can i. I am reliable and i am not an idiot.

Boy, was i wrong, I checked my schedule 2 days ago had 39 hours, yesterday 21 hours. Today 9 hours for NEXT weeks schedule. I literally laughed and i couldn’t believe it that i am on the verge of being let go for apparently no reason after being told they were going to keep me (even though its just word of mouth.)

I am going to confront them about it tomorrow, peacefully of course but, if they plan on letting me go, i am not going to show up to waste my time for a 9 hours shift. Apparently “target cares” enough to lead me on and give me a 9 hour shift.


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  • Flyers000 says:

    Lol ...."target cares" ahahahahaaaa! Silly target. It saddens me that people still even pay attention to those orientation videos. Claims of target being like being straight from hell is more like it.
    So what happened during your confrontation? I hope you either got your hours back or left for a better place.
    Since leaving, I kept in touch with a few coworkers. Some of them have been with the company for 10+ years and their hours were cut to one day a week. It's a slap in the face for sure.
    I learned after 2 years that there's a motto you should live by if you work for these slave drivers. "It doesn't pay to do your job well".

  • BenedictAnders says:


    I confronted them about it and they gave me numerous run arounds to the point i said fuck it. I needed to know by 3:30 which was the end of my shift to know if i should bother staying or if i should take the hint due to the fact i needed to register my classes and get everything ready. New years eve was my last day and i didn't bother saying anything to them, i didn't show up new years day saturday or even today due to the fact i wasn't wasting my time or breath on them.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Wow that doesn't spell out RETALIATION in big bold letters. I'm glad you made it out of there with your sanity still intact. I do wish in your last few days there you reported their behinds mostly for the sake of pissing them off even more ha ha. Your education and sanity is more important at the end of the day than some near minimum wage job that doesn't give a shit about their employees.

  • RobStew says:

    Hi. I Century work for Targets here in Anchorage Alaska. I keep hearing all the horror stories from past employes about their job experiences with this company. I'm sorry that you all were treated so poorly. I haven't had any negative issues so far. I started in Dec of 2014 looking for extra income because of extra bills. My orientation was a good experience. I was given detailed info about my job requirements. On occassions I have to help with cashering which is cool. I honestly don't care for the constant pushing of the Red Cards. I always turn down my walkie to avoid the reminder of telling customers about the cards, which is every 5 minutes. All the leader are great individuals who genuinely acre about our store and the crew. I recently switched to a new job and my leader have been gracious in working around my schedule even removing me to allow me time to get situated. I'm probably gonna leave anyway because I get a lot of OT on the new job.

    • TargetSucks says:

      Assuming what you say is true, which I doubt, I think you're still in the honeymoon phase. Some people are happy the first few weeks or even months. Most are unhappy in a couple days, but some make it a few months before things start to turn to shit.

    • Silverfox says:

      probably because it's freaking expensive to live up in alaska so people won't take their shit for little pay. And if tarshit dares treat them like shit with little pay, they won't be keeping any employees much like they couldn't keep canadian employees in alberta, canada and the rest of the country working for them. And my guess is of all the states, alaska tarshit employees are probably the highest paid employees in target usa. Probably why this guy is reporting abnormal niceness from tarshit. Maybe if tarshit wanted to succeed instead of installing a manager from down old southern united states of america in "one of canada's biggest ontario stores", install someone from alaska. Better yet when that fisher dude failed, install someone from Alaska as canadian target ceo and let them run things. Maybe he/she could have saved the day. But nope they had to install someone from the good old boys club.

  • RobStew says:

    Sorry I meant to say I currently work for Targets. Sorry for the spelling.


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