Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

January 5, 2015 - BenedictAnders

What to expect out of target. The Seasonal Review

Right off the bat ill be completely honest, i only worked at Target for 2 1/2 almost 3 months so, people who have worked there longer than i have, good on you. The fact is i have worked shitty establishments like Best Buy (which to be fair wasn’t all that bad, just my location was a horrible store.) and other places that are retail stores with bad notoriety.


Target in the beginning seemed tempting which, people if you are starting there, the curtains won’t open on you just yet, everything will seem promising and good to be true but, its just smoke and mirrors. I was hired for Electronics and as i stated in my previous posts i wasn’t just Electronics. How i found out about this? My 2nd day there were phone calls for numerous departments in “Blue World” which is what I found out to be Electronics, Sporting Goods, Stationary, Toys and Bikes. So there were phone calls for Toys and Sporting goods, eventually the LOD who i will explain on her reputation later, came over to me and was very condescending and I am the type if you act like an asshole to me, i won’t kill you will kindness, (retail has made me a bitter person towards people i am sorry.) She said “When you hear those calls go off YOU have to answer them.” I said in words “Well how am i suppose to know? I was hired for Electronics, not those departments.” Finding out down the road, that was all bullshit, i was blue world, not just Electronics.  So prepare just because it says you’re hired in a certain spot, doesn’t mean you will always be there.

Red cards were an absolute joke to me, i worked in a rich annnnnnnd poverty ridden area,  it was kind of the “best of both worlds” -sarcasm-. Red cards were easy for rich people to sign up who wanted to blow their loads on a TV for $20 off the base price (i use to sell cards so, its easy to tempt people into getting stuff) So red cards were very easy for me to get. Other people were straight up abused if they couldn’t get one and i feel for them. You cant make anybody sign up for one, maybe they have too many credit cards, maybe their credit score isn’t good or they are rebuilding credit. All different factors play in but, Target doesn’t give a fuck about them, just making the bottom line.

LODS-GSTL-STL fuckery. There are so many acronyms it isn’t even funny. I just gave up down the road and just called the LOD for everything if i had a question. This isn’t the military i shouldn’t have to stay in file like a private and answer to certain ranks ect. All but, 1 of the LODS were cool as shit. I had a problem with 1 and that was on my first day. She was a bitter asshole of a lady that she gave everybody shit too and basically the only way to get on her good side is to curse her off. Yep, you have to stoop to her level and tell her how big of a pile of shit she is in order for her to leave you alone which i did. She had a rude miserable attitude towards me she was probably 35-45 years old and always had this shit look towards you and one day she gave me shit and was talking to me like a child and i told her straight up to go fuck herself, its not my fault she dedicated Target to being her lifestyle and her means of a career. Other than that the other LODS kept to themselves, but i had gripes with. As i stated in my other post. 99.9% of the time i was the only person that knew my shit, i worked mobile, TVs, video games, tablets, beats ANYTHING with electronics and i knew what i talked about. When it was a busy day, they would throw me in toys to constantly zone or reshop and leave someone electronics who had no fucking idea what they were talking about and would constantly come to me for answers, then i said fuck it and i stopped going to Toys, i was doing my job.


Zoning and reshop. The most aggravating fucking thing ever in my eyes. I hated it because any other store i worked at they had the back room or stock boys do that to keep the sales reps on the floor selling things, as insisted in the title “sales rep.” Going back to my main point just before, i would be on a hot streak selling tvs getting phones ya know, making target money and customers to stay to boot. Giving out my cards being professional and guess what “Hey i need you to go zone toys, its a mess” After a while i replied “no.” It isn’t my fault that parents don’t know how to take care of children and fuck the whole section up for me to be the good corporate slave to clean it for 2 hours.


Customers, i didn’t call them guests, they don’t come to my house and crack open beers with me and watch sunday night football. They are customers purchasing product from a store. 90% of them were pretty cool, would talk about sports and anything relevant and actually gave a shit which i enjoyed. The other 10% were the assholes who didn’t get their way. As i stated before, we were near a poverty ridden area, people would come in and bitch and moan because a sale ended a week prior and how they couldn’t get it or afford it or whatever the case might be. For example, a gentleman wanted a Ps3 for $240 bucks and he asked my friend how much it was and he told him that it was $249 with tax, to his defense he had a bad strep throat and target would crucify him if he went home sick so it may of been hard for the customer to understand, even though there are price tags everywhere saying how much it is. He then came up to me saying “so is that ps3 $240” to which i replied “no there are signs here that indicate that it is $249 plus tax and there aren’t any sales on it.” he then threw a bitch fit and said “well he told me it was $240 and i hold everybody to their word on their prices” i laughed because i couldn’t take him seriously and told him “sir its $10 i am not dropping the price on a $10 item, the signs are all here, he told you the right price because i heard him, there is nothing i can do.” He then cried, literally cried to customer service to get his way for a $10 difference. I learned at Target there are some spoiled motherfuckers in the world.

Co workers, i had the privilege of befriending a lot of people around my age of 22 years old mostly 20 and 19 year olds. I worked with a lot of people who trusted me and wanted me to be a manager or “LOD” because i knew a lot about what i was doing and i was helping change the way the store was and the people were awesome. I have 0 complaints



Towards the end of my term i asked 2 weeks prior to when they normally tell the seasonal people if they keep them or not, when i would find out because i would be starting school eventually and i needed to know for my schedule and before the new years, after 2 weeks of run arounds and bullshit it was New years eve and i asked if i staying, run arounds again and again and most of my co workers were saying “they would be crazy to let go of you, that would be bullshit, we have nobody in electronics besides you and shit.” 3:30 the end of my shift came i asked 1 more time and again, no straight answer. I was scheduled new years day, Saturday the 3rd and sunday the 4th which was a new pay period so my final week i would of only had 8 hours. Which was originally 39 which was cut down to 21 which was cut down to 8, i said fuck it and i didn’t bother calling or showing up due to the fact i have another job that is picking up and i will be in school. Most of my co workers texted me and were in shock that i actually left.


**** also they paid me 8.50 an hour which is a .25 above minimum wage in which i have 5 years experience and they paid someone more than me with 0 experience in the field and offered him a full time job when he had numerous call outs and walked out one day but, couldn’t keep me. Just insulting.


Target doesn’t give a fuck about you, your feelings, your family, your living situation, your bills, your health. Nothing. Don’t work there.



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