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May 21, 2016 - flowing311420

attn: Any Floridian target employees

I’m sure I could call corporate hr and maybe get an answer but sometimes I feel like its better to ask other employees…

Recently it was eval time… And my managers made a big deal out of pay raises this time around… Saying that no one ever gets raises like this ever and we should be grateful… blah blah blah… I was under the assumption that this pay raise and the last one as well we’re basically cost of living increases and nothing that was out of the kindness of their cold dead hearts… Can any one corroborate that?

The only reason I ask is because my piece of shit stl keeps telling various employees this story… And I very much want to fuck his world up by calling him out… If any one can help that would be amazing…. Because then I will go to corporate hr…

Thanks guys!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yes, do call Niccollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota Corporate Target. All target's do a yearly pay raise. It is target business incentive. I get pay raises every year, and so do millions of all target employees. If your store is not following corporate policies of not giving you a raise from 10 cents to 25 cents each year than you have to call corporate target and let them know your store is not following the business procedure of target.

    • MrSharkNasty says:

      Dave strikes again with his ignorant babble. Millions of Target employees? A quick trip to google provided me this answer Target has 341,000 team members worldwide, that's not even close to one million let alone millions. Dave's reading comprehension is questionable as well because the original poster said this "And my managers made a big deal out of pay raises this time around… Saying that no one ever gets raises like this ever and we should be grateful." Clearly he/she is not complaining about not getting a raise. THEY CLEARLY GOT RAISES AT THIS TARGET LOCATION!!! This individual is complaining about the fact that management is trying to tell them they should feel lucky they got a raise this large. Anyone staying at Target like Dave is here is foolish. There are better retail jobs out there! They pay better and give better raises! They give better training and have more opportunities for advancement. The Home Improvement store I worked for your first year there you get 3 raises; 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. After that it's one every 6 months. If you worked 1,000+ hours in a year you would get a huge bonus. If you managed 20 hours a week or more you got the bonus!!!! You would get all sorts of other incentives as well. Weekend pay was an extra $2.50/hour. You got an XMAS bonus! And a gift for every holiday for that matter. And guess what this place is always hiring because RETAIL IS HELL. So if you're going to stick with retail you may as well get paid better. I'm not talking about management either, everyone gets more fairly compensated. Target just pays the clueless managers who sit on their ass all day and bark impossible demands. Why stay? Do your research find retailers in the area that pay better and keep working at it.

      • viciousdave says:

        I can not get another job as I'm currently in a long process of trying to get SSI. Also, I can't get another job even though I want to as I have super hearing loss, deaf in right ear, only 25% hearing in left ear along with tinnitus fuzzy mumbled hearing. Hearing loss qualifies for SSI. Before I lost my hearing, I had tried and tried to get a new job, had an interview, but as I have tinnitus I couldn't understand people that much and have to say what a lot as tinnitus makes hearing in quality very hard, I can't hear voices of singing in music, can't hear voices clearly on tv it's more like soa hoaa do ya bah da toda wa I caw da wa. That's what I hear and that's why I'm trying to get SSI as I can't hear well at all anymore even with hearing aids. All the jobs I applied for before said no to me. Yet I knew it was about me having to say what a lot as I have hearing loss and tinnitus. No one hires a near deaf person as places want a person with good listening skills. So I'm stuck at target forever until I get SSI. Hearing loss and tinnitus sucks.

  • aguerr23 says:

    yeah, theres the yearly cost of living increase and the pay raise, usually combined. my raise was like 60 ish cents this year, but my merit increase was only like 30 cents, the rest being the cost of living increase. Hope this makes sense of it, they really should have distinguished between your merit raise and the other increase

  • flowing311420 says:

    If my memory serves me correctly, I believe it was stated last year that there were goingto be cost of living increases across the board for all target employees on top of your yearly raises... It would take place over a period of a year or two or something like that....and I also heard that this was to compete with Walmart because they had bumped their employees us considerably...

    What I'm trying to say is my Stl is trying to tell people that we got this considerable raise out of the kindness of his heart... Because he believes we are fucking stupid and don't understand how business works...

    I'm. Pretty sure my logic makes more sense than his bullshit lies...

    • viciousdave says:

      Yeah I already got that big raise thing. $10 an hour for all employees below 10. Happened last year at my Target.

  • flowing311420 says:

    That's what I thought... Thank you! đŸ˜€

  • Silverfox says:

    Just pray the land Target is sitting on will collaspe into a sink hole.

  • poohbear80 says:

    Oh thank you sir for my quarter raise! The CEO gets a quarter million raise and those managers are douches complaining about some extra chump change that doesnt come out of their pocket.


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