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May 22, 2015 - Shubba

At the end of my rope here

I’ve been looking through the posts here for a while and it’s time I got some of my own anger out. I work in soft-lines at a smaller store and when I began I thought it was an okay job. I knew it wasn’t going to be great because hey, its a retail. I’ve worked there for almost a year now and it’s gotten progressively worse and I don’t think it’s gonna get better any time soon.

We’re almost NEVER staffed well, and a lot of times I’ll be the only one in the entire soft lines department for 8 hours other than the operator. (And I’m supposed to be part time, I’m one of those people who do well with less hours) I’m expected to cover breaks at the fitting room, take care of the pulls (which will often have things NOT from soft-lines on them that they expect me to put out on the floor too), go up for back up, take care of the reshop, AND make sure all of soft lines is superzoned by the end of the night.

When I mentioned that I didnt like being called up for backup every five minutes because I had other things I had to work on, I was given a lecture about having an attitude. We have so many LODS with superiority complexes you have to constantly watch what you say around anyone. I gave attitude to one LOD in particular who talks to me like I’m an idiot and she pulled me to the walkie talkie room to “coach” me. At least, she said it was coaching, except all she did was yell at me for five minutes and never asked me to sign anything, so all I got from that coaching was that she hated me.

A lot of times, I’ll be asked for specifically to go up and back up at the lanes because they think I havent gone up for a while. And yeah, I admit, I avoid it. I used to have bad social anxiety and I’m still getting over it but I’ve gotten better. Not to mention the fact that I have five million other things to be doing so I can’t be going up for back up all the time.  But I do go up now and then, apparently not enough though. And then, I get yelled at about red cards? I’M NOT A CASHIER??? THAT’S NOT PART OF MY JOB DESCRIPTION?????

Recently, because our service scores were at 89%, we have to do “service” walks now. Before every single break we take, we HAVE to walk around the floor asking every guest we see if they need help. Which is even more time not spent on the floor actually getting things done. If we don’t, we get a coaching.

Our ETL talks to everyone like a dog, our STL expects zones to be clean and complete within 30 minutes or less, and our LODS are bullys. I’m 21 and I’ve come home from shifts with my legs and back hurting so bad that I spend my days off in bed because walking hurts. I’ve seen at least 3 different people burst into tears on the job from pressure. I honest to god want this store to burn. I have such bad job burnout from this place that even thinking of this stupid fucking store makes me want to cry.

I’ve wanted to quit for about 3 months now, but because of money issues and pressure from my family, I’m trapped. I’ve been desperately looking for a job to go with my art degree to actually do something with my life but so far no luck. At this rate, me having a mental breakdown and quitting without a new job seems more likely.


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  • blah says:

    At least you have a operator my store doesn't even have one of those anymore. Some days we won't have an electronics person for several hours. There was one day I was expected to be backroom, electronics and market all at once. The one good thing about not having anyone to do anything is lods don't say anything when there are 4 carts hba, 2 carts b, 3 carts c/d, 6 carts e/f, 3 carts g, 6+ softlines and it looks as if a earthquake hit at the end of the night.

    • brokencart says:

      Just found this site after closing tonight at well Target haha. I literally made an account just so I could thumbs up your post.

  • Geezus Chrice says:

    Hey i honestly hope you get a better job and your money issues sorted. Target Is Shitty. No man, nor woman should have to suffer the fate that is Target because of your situation. You will get a better job . Its coming.
    -Geezus Chrice

  • Silverfox says:

    Just quit, Regain your sanity. Look for a new job.

  • fucktarget says:

    "We're ALMOST never staffed well.....". At least you can say ALMOST never. Most stores most of the time are never staffed well. Target is pinching a penny so tight you can hear Abe Lincoln scream. Pretty soon it will just be an overnight team stocking shelves, one cashier ringing people up, and a 3-person CAF team stocking during the day. Remember this post as it will predict the future!!!

  • texastargetsucks says:

    When i started we always had one for each area. We got stuff done. Leaving minimal reshop. Hardlines would always help softlines at the end after we came clean with hl reshop. Now they reduce closing salesfloor staff while slowly increasing the workload. Softline constantly leaves 2-3 z racks and 3-4 baskets. Hardlines always has 1 ffull cart of cosmetics tht noone touches and about 3 full carts for other areas. Our grocery section hasnt been zoned in over amonth because they always pull me to do domestics or softlines. Whenever i do get to zone my grocery section it takes forever to finish the mess and they wonder why it takes forever. I tell my lod, "how fast can you zone G block?"


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