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November 23, 2019 - miavahan

Are you serious Target?

I was a new hire and I had to take a day off to take care of family business. Still only had my paper schedule and it cut off that day. Went in later that day to ask when my next shift was and only got shrugs. “Okay, disorganized much?” I thought to myself. I work only weekends so I know I dont have shifts during the week. Anyways, kept calling to see if they had updated the schedule or any news of that sense. NEVER got a clear answer. Finally after two weeks, I had enough of their shit and called in store again. Was told that I had been fired for NCNS. Are you fucking serious? I asked when the “NCNS” period began and they told me two weeks ago (the day I mentioned above). I told them I’ve been calling and calling their HR department and no one has been picking up and having to call the in-store “guest’ service to get a hold of anyone. The guy pretty much tells me “tough shit” and I thank him and hang up, completely fed up with Target’s shit. The Target I worked at was never organized at all! Even on orientation they never had any shit together. I will NEVER recommend working with them. TLDR; got fired for NCNS on shifts I never had been informed about.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    This is why I never trust Tarshit or their word. They lie and when you confront them about it they say tough shit!!!!

  • Silverfox says:

    Apparently its Microsoft share point? And it's an issue. Its posted evening shift for a price checker when he was supposed to work morning that day. And the word is they are looking into fixing the inconsistency. Cuz Loblaws is a big company and Microsoft's screwed up big time.


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