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July 16, 2013 - katiepurrs

Anyone can handout money a d run the front lanes

Even the cart attendant has done it, is that crazy or what? They “MAKING” people who aren’t paid to be gsa’s or gstl’s to hold keys and handout money when the gsa’s and gstl’s are at break or lunch or if there was a call out by one of them. They use and abuse anyone as much as possible. Why don’t they get a TL to watch the front or an Etl since they’re always just walking around pretending to be busy but yet they walk joined at the hips like Siamese twins.


Then you have electronics also pulling people who don’t know jack shit about accessories or attachments to go give them their break or lunch! Crazy crazy crazy. People who aren’t “trained” in certain departments get put to work there not having a clue or idea of the rules abs in food avenues case cleanliness!

I guess they figure that team members are to scared to say NO! That’s why they get taken advantage of


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  • gordon says:

    So when money comes up missing that is when someone will get fired and they will get back on track in following company policy. It really depends at which store you work at. Target always talk about Best Practises but the truth is they preach one this but practice another. So I guess if the cart attendant does not come back to work he probably took off with more than what he gets in his pay check! Ha! Electronics almost always runs itself hence the low guest survey scores. Besides it is not like team members are coming to work anyways. We all know that it is a fact that Target has loads of etl's who are down right lazy anyways. They are so pretentious until a corporate or district visit. They most often refrain from watching the lanes.

  • katiepurrs says:

    Exactly!!!!!!!! Last time we had the DTL come to our store an Etl was working on candy in the front lanes and that NEVER EVER happens they never work candy. Our lanes are super empty on candy and gum yet you don't see them working on it now. Also on that same visit some of the ETL's were picking up trash from the floor as they walked like puppies next to the DTL and come on they can go past any thing on the floor any other day and still leave or there or they call the cart attendant to go pick it up. They're all such fakes ALL OF THEM ETL'S.


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