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June 16, 2013 - Junip

Another Day in Hell…

George Carlin once said there are three types of people you run into each day: those who are fucking stupid, those who are full of shit, and those who are fucking nuts…the leadership of Target is all three!

Not to mention some of the people who shop at this hell-hole.

I start my morning to the piece of shit walrus-looking mother fucker who starts flipping out at me even before the store has opened. He’s a Hardlines TL who claims he saw me (a cashier) just standing at a register and not doing shit. He yells at me to zone the candy and “we’re going live in two minutes, get the candy zoned!”

And this isn’t the first time he has done this to me.

Once on a closing shift back near Easter, I was in charge of zoning Seasonal. When I got to bags of candy aisle I did what I could to make it look nice, but they’re fucking bags of candy, how nice does it have to be?

At the very end of the shift we are all ready to go home, and his fucker yells out over the walkie “the candy is not done, repeat, the candy is not done. It all needs to be pulled forward!”

So, he has the whole team come over and we are all looking at each other like “what the hell are we suppose to be doing. It looks fine.” He made us zone for TEN MINUTES, pulling everything from the back forward so it looked full.

I shrug this off because I know the guy is full of shit.



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