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April 21, 2013 - targetsucks52


The people who never show up, slack off, don’t do their jobs, get to stay and not get a coaching. Those of us that actually DO their job and DO show up? One call off and it’s as if you murdered their child. 

There’s a girl that works there that BULLIES her peers, yet they won’t do anything about it! If you have a problem, they just put it on someone else. They lie to cover up their mistakes. 

Normally, if you’re a TL and you tell a TM about what you heard in your meeting/stuff nobody else is supposed to know (i.e. coaching) that’s grounds for firing.. Oh, but not here! If I found out somebody told others about a coaching I got, I would most definitely be PISSED.

Cart attendants get nothing. They bust their hineys, and nothing to show for it. Right now, ALL of guest service is looking for other jobs, and half the front lanes. Tired of getting overlooked for a job well done, and getting treated like crap. But apparently WalMart is doing a good job at fixing their management problems. I feel like corporate doesn’t even do anything about your complaints either..


Side note. Does anyone know why a store would constantly be getting visits? 🙂


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