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November 18, 2011 - Candyman

A last ditch effort

Well, let’s cut to the point. I was an IT for a big corporate company, got laid off after someone stole a great sum of money from the company, and Target hired me shortly after for 7.50 an hour (taxes are outrageous, making less per hour than when I was making 6.55 an hour) shortly after my Mom left (she worked at the same one and transferred after she moved) I was hired on as a Cart Attendant / Cashier.

So far, I have had to clean up human feces several times (5+ Times now in a 6 month period) with my LODs laughing at me because it was soo disgusting.

Last week from this post, respectively, we sold $40,000 more than expected, and I was cart attendant. They complained about me not going for “Guest First” because I was swamped because it was me vs. hundreds of people pouring out of the building.


I have nearly been hit in the parking lot over 12 times now (recorded on video) and found 3 wallets in the carts (I returned them, due to religious beliefs)

Today, I was told that a couple of LODs were complaining I wasn’t friendly enough (even put it in documentation that I was unfriendly to co-workers) and that I wasn’t getting enough redcards, even though it has no initiative for me to get them.

It pains me to know that I am currently in College for CNS (Computer Networking Security) and formerly worked as an IT (loved it) and they  wont even put me in electronics because I am not friendly enough.
You try struggling to pay the bills and get told you aren’t working hard enough and see how much you smile.

the Redcard system is a broken way to judge workers and the pay is trash.


Today is what finally set me off. I am in College, and that means I have class that can not be missed. The dumb bitch in HR scheduled me for 4 days only of work, in total 22.5 hours. 2 of the shifts being exactly what I have as unavailable because that is when my classes are. She merely gives the hours to someone else and tells me “good luck finding more hours”


I can’t even begin to pay my bills on a 10 hour week scenario, and she won’t even get in the slightest trouble for giving me hours I can’t do.


anyways, if I get fired, I will keep you guys posted, and I may quit on Black Friday (1am-9am Cart attendant, if I don’t get hit)


Thanks for reading.


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  • benderdundat says:

    All of these comments is the exact reason why they don't want team members to unionize. If there was a union in place they wouldn't take away raises. I mean really how do you give someone a "raise" and then hire new people at the same rate??? Or tell someone that they can't receive time off pay on an Education Leave even though corporate states that it is permissible?

    I hated working a Target. I was stationed as a Barista in Starbucks. I worked hours by myself, and anyone who has ever been to a Starbucks know that they stay busy. Can you imagine having to take orders, make orders, keep stations clean and be fast, fun, and friendly at the same time when there is a line going out the door. FRUSTRATING!!! Now imagine doing all of this knowing that your help in the form of a "team lead" is in the building the whole time. WTF!!!

    The managers are rude and incompetent. I would rather clean up after horses than work in another Target.

    • ProhibitionRose says:

      My TL leaves for hours on end, sitting in her office or gossiping with her friends that come in while I am new, untrained and struggling to be "FUN! FAST! and Friendly!" They can get bent!


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