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September 21, 2017 - crooknextdoor

2811BX, NY!!!!

Hello everyone, my name is L I’ve been a employee at target for over 2 years. Even now I wonder how I survived so long but forget about that, let me share my story about 2811. I started as a backroom tm making $10.50 back in 2015 , it wasn’t all that bad. I really loved my job and what I did. Hey I even went above and beyond without being told..until I realized management doesn’t give a shit about you, and to them you’re either a “super human or a machine”. I say this because as a backroom tm you’re required to do many things in a small amount of time with little to no help at all and my department was very understaffed. My backroom has went through a total of 2Etls and 3 team leads and because of this none of us ever had a chance of being promoted. Salefloors etl’s and t’ls Hated us , they would say we never do anything. Let’s not forget about our sorry ass STL  who keeps promoting people who just started working at target for no more than 8 months who have no idea what to do with the store , yes the “store”. Honestly the whole store needs to be thrown away because of their damn favoritism and the incompetent managers who think you can do the work of 5 with 2 people. I don’t even think 2 team members can pull 30+ hrs worth of cafs.

Please pardon my grammar or bad writing I just wanted to make this as short and sweet as possible. I am always here if u need more details. I check this site all the time to cope with the mental damage target has done to me. Thank you for listening/ reading.


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