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February 7, 2015 - jordanpaige

23 years of BULLSHIT!!!

Fired after 23 years of bending over backwards for a company that wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. I was a GSTL (glorified nanny) fired for leaving a check out on my closing shift. I have missed softball games, dance recitals, conferences, birthday parties, family get togethers, family vacations etc only to be fired for something that could have been a warning. I have seen and heard things from the ETL Team that could have got them fired. But I never wanted to make waves. From my STL asking me if one of my cashiers “is a fucking r****d” he also took produce out of the trash because he thought it was still ok to sell. STL also has meat department markdown meat for him and he will come back later to purchase. I have found cash office unlocked and never ever said anything. Fair and consistent they are not, but continue to preach that they are. BULLSHIT!!!! Target’s guest’s are so spoiled I was wondering when they were going to install a button in the bathroom when it was time to wipe their asses. Target is taking the direction of hire young, pay less. I was never late, always on time, never called in, changed weekends to accommodate others needs. Let’s talk about Red Cards…fuck the red card!!The guest either wants it or they don’t. Stop pressuring the guest and the cashier trying to sell it. My store is firing cashiers for not delivering all the benefits of the card. Twenty three years of seeing and hearing bullshit!!


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    I'm terribly sorry that they fired you after 23 years of service. You would think that they would've given you just a warning for a mistake that's in my humble opinion trivial compared to what could've been done. There are far worse mistakes to make than accidentally leaving out a check that has been accepted and has been deemed unable to be cashed by someone else. The GSTL who has been at my store for 21 years is "untouchable" because she rats out people for every little thing; legit has "spies" listening to what people say and do when she's on break (and listens into others' conversations through her walkie). It seems the only way anybody is safe at Tarshit is if you tell on everyone for anything and everything that's said and done. Years of service and otherwise doing great work for the company means absolutely nothing to the management in Tarshit stores. Just awful.....

    I must say that ever since the new STL came to my store, cashiers have been getting write-ups for not meeting a certain unsaid quota for red cards. The HR ETL asked one of the GSTLs at my store why he thinks cashier morale has been so low lately; he straight-up told her that it's because they are afraid of losing their jobs for not getting red cards. She had the audacity to claim it's because of their negativity! Needless to say I'm glad I get to leave this crazy place for a better paying job with actual benefits. As I've heard from a movie once upon a time (paraphrased of course), "sometimes life forces us onto paths we ought to have found ourselves". Hopefully you leaving Tarshit behind will mean you get to walk on much greener pastures.

  • littleavery1948 says:

    The STL is lucky that I am not that I am not his boss; calling a cashier a "f****** r****d" is grounds for AUTOMATIC termination. The problem is, these "leaders" hold a position, yet have no idea how to lead. Anyone can manage. The crazy thing is, I could fire all of the STL's, ETL's, and TL's, walk into the store, select 25 TM's at random, train them how to MANAGE, and there would be little or no drop-off. Anyone who goes on a power-trip is no leader at all; in fact, they are the most insecure leaders of all. They do not trust, nor are they trustworthy. Any time one is in a leadership position, yet has no respect from his subordinates, it's only a matter of time before it takes its toll. A good leader will terminate, or re-train a leader who is below them; otherwise, it has become collusion. Our STL is very good at leadership, and everyone respects him. Our logistics ETL is not a good leader; he is very unapproachable, and he plays favorites. He is a decent manager, but not a leader. I am in a leadership level, which is the equivalent of an ETL, and I don't tolerate managers; I need leaders. I need those who can develop others, and who are not insecure enough to take down the ones who have great potential. Because I am in a leadership position, the expectations for myself are extremely high, but I also have high expectations for leadership. If you cannot connect to your team, then you are done. They will only do enough to not get fired. Those who enjoy firing should be fired themselves. Poor leadership.

  • viciousdave says:

    Wow at my store the store manager and LODs love the GSTLs who muffle and say god damn it cashier guy get me some red cards, you have to gaurantee to get red cards. All the GSTLs at my job of cashier are on me like I told you to get red cards but you didn't listen! Um no I asked, don't you realize that not every single one of us can get a yes from the guests? Damn god I hate leaders of all kinds accept for the operator and sales floor TL. They are the only good ones at my store who understand. And of course other casheirs like myself. Wow your target was bad. Most of my GSTLs always leave out money and crap at the end of the night and never do there job at the end of the night. Most targets are different I guess. They fire you but at mine they are like oh well leaders get to be lazy but oh no cashiers can not. WTF? They screwed you cause at mine they would of been like eh whatever.


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