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April 30, 2014 - shellzbellz

2 weeks of work for 2 months of frustration!

I applied for a customer service position with target, once I got the job I was told during orientation I was actually in the grocery department, It didn’t really bother me because I knew I could possibly work my way to a different position. What I wasn’t told was I was actually the “grocery specialist” and that came with a lot of hours and responsibilities., 28 aisles all to myself. First off, I wasn’t trained or even shown how to use equipment, I was thrown with another employee and told to “shadow” them which I found was to be very annoying to the other employee. I was never given a team member number required to use the scanning gun, or to log into the computer when I needed to make labels, or even to punch in or out of work. I used correction forums. I was constantly pestered to use the walkie talkies in my defence nobody ever acknowledge my questions for help over it. Since I wasn’t trained whatsoever I was making “pull” lists for the back which would never be pulled so I took it upon myself to make the pulls and push them out, this got me in deep trouble. I was also timed on my team leaders iPhone for how long it took me to wipe down and clean the cooler doors and shelves. I had pallets upon pallets to unload by myself sweating my ass off under a time limit. I found the clothing department employees to have such a slack desirable job. Often there were “super zones” which meant tidy up the aisles with a partner and pull all the product to the front and put the old product to the front. I was always stuck to 28 aisles by myself with half hour time limit. This take was done within minutes for some departments. I wasn’t allowed to talk to the ONE friend I made there, yet other employees seemed cliquey and had friendships on the clock. My team lead asked me to come with him that’s when he sat me down and asked why I couldn’t get task’s done fast enough, I explained I had a foot injury years back and I’m trying my best ( I was no slower than the older more out of shape employees, I’m a speedy 21 year old) he explained how that’s an issue for him and that there was no other position available. When I got home there were ads all over for Target work. I was lied to. When I received my paycheck it was missing over 8 hours of my work. I made a time to come in an discuss the issue which took a week, I was told my check would be mailed to me on the 11th it wasn’t. The 25th came around and I called payroll they told me my check was in store since the 11th.. They didn’t even call to tell me it’s waiting for me, I went into target to get my check when I was then told the person in charge of the checks went home and to come back tomorrow before 5 I explained I can’t come in until after 5 they told me to call in the a.m. and ask for it to be put out for me. I call today to tell them I’m coming to get it at 4pm they tell me nobody will be here to give it to me. I tell my sister who works at target in HR she calls them and insures me any LOD can give it to me. I’ve never experience so much hassle with a company.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    I wish people would learn what paragraphs are.

  • disgusted says:

    Another employee telling us that, that is what tarshit does best, lie to it's employees, but aren't we all such a lovely happy family, and the "door is always open".

    You need to be a little more aggressive though with people when it comes to your paycheck, let them know politely that no, you need your check, and will they kindly call someone to get it please. As you know form your sister, the LOD can get you your cheque..

    tarshit may not like an employee that stands up for him or herself, but it's what you have to do with these liars and excuses for human beings sadly.

  • shellzbellz says:

    Sorry I had typed this out and pasted it in a hurry out of rage no thought for paragraphs!

  • shellzbellz says:

    I would also like to mention I went into target the other day for my paycheck and they told me to call ADP and get it re-issued because they lost it in the mail ( yeah right) which means I won't get it until the 9th which is their next pay period. I'm no longer an employee why do I have to wait and struggle and be poor because of their mistakes??!

  • disgusted says:

    tarshit will make you wait, yes, even due to their mistakes. they do what they want,.....and they are too big for anyone to really chastise them effectively too.... the only thing that will stop them as I have said before is if people stop spending ANY money at tarshit.

    they can make you be poor until next check comes out, because gregg is loaded, i am sure they make a fortune on messing up even 1% of payroll,,

    once again, people stopping anyone you know from spending a penny at tarshit is the only way these dweebs will listen or care

  • shellzbellz says:

    I've actually returned anything I bought from target, even my mom doesn't shop there I tell everyone I meet what they did to me an they can't believe it. Trash it, that's good I need to start using that term.

    When HR told me I had to wait which has been over a month already another week for my pay they lost, I started crying and told them I have no food or gas money an that I'll have to pawn valuables to keep me going just as I thought they didn't give a shit.

  • shellzbellz says:

    Tarshit** autcoocoreect.

  • Silverfox says:

    🙂 that's why there's direct deposit. at zellers, I was told to give hr my bank info for direct deposit eventually.

    • shellzbellz says:

      I had given them my direct deposit, but since I got fired I guess they decided to throw it out an just give me a check? STILL waiting over 2 months for my last paycheck which they keep loosing in the mail an giving new excuses as to why I can't have it, Labour board is now involved.

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    I had a problem getting my checks as well. Its as though they resent the fact that you want your paycheck and that THEY have to take time out of their life to hand it to you, as though it's belittling or something.
    Another thing, don't you think all the stupid comments about paragraphs and grammar are so typical of the "Target Mentality" which defines asshole Target employees that can't focus on the actual issues at hand because they're too busy being cunts?


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