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February 21, 2020 - spookiwi

2 Weeks in and Im Ready to End It All

I’ve been hired for the seasonal section which is great and fun (jk). I, being the new employee, am expected to take care of the seasonal isles by MYSELF: restocking, backstocking, pushing, setting up displays, fixing aisles etc. From what I’ve heard, people that get hired for this section generally are overworked because they are the only person in the section. I also know target has an ongoing fun little game where they like to give insane amounts of work to their employees and expect them to finish it all in a shift and have time to start the next shifts work. If you think food & bev is hectic, imagine reorganizing the same clearance candy isle 10+ times within half an hour because the GUESTS just dont give a fuck. Also why do people get mad at me for asking questions when I literally have no idea what the hell I’m doing because the person who was supposed to train me…..didnt want to train me??? Theres so many other negatives about this, but these are the main reasons I’m second guessing this job. Is this what it’s like in every section? I’ve been trained in another section (as opposed to the one I was supposed to be in because…like I said…the person who was supposed to train me didnt want to and gave me to another poor helpless employee who had barely been there a few months) and they dont have nearly as much hassle. Pls let me know if I’m being irrational or if my complaints are valid. My anxiety it through the roof and I feel like such a shithead because I want to quit. The minimum wage isn’t worth the 6am-2pm shifts and overload of tasks imo.


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