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September 11, 2012 - Sally

1 month and I already hate it

Alright, so I started at the end of July as just a cashier. The cashier training went very smoothly for me and I was able to adjust quickly. My only complaint about the cash register is the speed time. They want you to be in green as much as possible because that means you are fast. Yellow means you are in the middle. Red means you are slow. The problem with their system is that it is not always your fault. Team members told me that I can suspend the transaction if the guest takes too long to pay. Suspending the transaction will avoid messing up my speed score, however, we can not always hit suspend. Sometimes a guest will slide their card, but they will take an eternity to answer the credit card questions, which ruins my speed score. Why should I be timed during a credit card payment?!?!? I kid you not when I say some guests take literally 2 full minutes to finish it. Apparently that is my fault and I’ll get a red score.

Anyway, they started cross training me. I now work in soft lines. I thought soft lines would be less stressful than the register, but I was very very very wrong. For one, guests DESTROY soft lines constantly! Even though they destroy it, we are required to be at each table for 4 minutes or less. It does not matter how horrific or how large the table is. All Target cares about is that you finish it in 4 minutes or less. If you don’t, your supervisor will come over and be demeaning toward you.

My first day in soft lines I was slow because I am brand new. I took my time at each table because I wanted to make it perfect (have the colors and styles mach, have the size from smallest to largest, and make sure everything was in the correct spot on the shelf). My supervisor came over to me and said “You can only be here for 4 minutes” and I told her that the table was a complete mess, so I was taking my time to get everything right where it needs to be. She said “Don’t worry about size. Just fold everything quickly and move on! We’ll leave a note for them to fix it in the morning! We just need to get out of Infants (the section we were in) within 30 minutes or less!”

So I said, okay. Speed is their main concern, not neatness. So from then on I timed myself, giving myself only 4 minutes per table and rack. I was quick at each table, but I didn’t pay attention to size because I HAD NO TIME TO!!! So I ignored the size and just folded everything and put it together based on style. God forbid I take too long! So there I am, busting my butt, working in infants for 30 minutes exactly. I leave that area and go on to the next section.

My supervisor walks through infants and says to me “You’re going to have to do this again! The sizes are not right.” So then I told her I was just trying to keep my speed up, like she told me to do, but she insisted I go through it again and get the sizes correct.


I swear, this job asks for far too much for such a small paycheck. They tell you one thing, but then change it shortly afterward.


On top of this, I feel as though my co-workers have their cliques. I am new (only been there a month, but that’s enough time to at least make a few friends, right? … Wrong!” Everyone has their little cliques and they are not willing to even look at you! I have tried to be friendly and nice, and they just look at me as though I should not be there.


I’m honestly thinking about returning to my old job. I used to work at Kmart and while Kmart also has its own problems, I enjoyed the people I worked with. At least at Kmart I was treated like a family member, rather than an outcast.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not everyone at Target is bad. Some of them are very nice toward me, but the majority make it hard for me to want to continue working there. There are a lot of fake personalities at Target too. I don’t enjoy when people are fake.



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