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May 16, 2019 - Redcardsuck

You better SKU check yourself!

It should come as no surprise to anyone still working at Target that inventory is always a very stressful time of the year. But now since “modernization” has begun it’s become even worse than I thought possible. The zones in all areas are not being maintained because it’s all anyone can do to keep up with pushing the truck. There are so many empty spaces on the floor because nothing is being audited properly. Chances are there is more just sitting in the back but none of it is being pulled.

This is the first year that the inventory team has actually started counting while the store was still open. And let me tell you that it was a disaster of epic proportions. There was nothing but two people in hardlines. So naturally everyone needing help comes to people doing inventory because they literally can’t find anyone else. I get it. But I can’t stop what I’m doing to help people because I have to be available to help check the skus at a moment’s notice for the third party company that came in.

And speaking of SKU checks. Some of those people from that company need to SKU check themselves because they have a stank ass attitude. Not ALL of them did some were very nice. Like damn I know you’re in a hurry and under a lot of pressure but you don’t need to reply back with the snarkiest sassiest of MMM HMM everytime I take something off of you that should have been taken care of already.

A lot of areas were not properly prepped because some people don’t give a fuck about their job. I did the best I could to super zone two entire blocks in two days but all I have is a shitty barely functioning mydevice not a magic wand.

Don’t sass me because I’m broke I’m tired and I’m stressed just like you. I don’t want to be doing this BS either but here we both are! We we’re so unprepared that there were items sitting in the backroom that had been there SO LONG that the original DPCI changed and we had to open the box and find the UPC on the actual it to inventory them properly. Think about that for a second. It was sitting back there so long that the system assigned it a different number? Nothing should be sitting in backstock that long.

It was a total shit show to say the least. Ill definitely be glad not to be a part of this mess anymore when I finally find a different job.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Ah good thing you quit that sound like a nightmare. Nobody cares to put things right anymore because fear of being hauled into office for not getting the truck done or the back stock it because it won’t fit anywhere. It doesn’t matter to people because they don’t do inventory.

  • bigblue56 says:

    I'm new here and i'm curious what Target store this is...state? town etc etc


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