Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 28, 2016 - stz195

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Talk about a place that is filled with negative air? You hit the nail right on the head, cause it gets no worse than this place. Lod, mod, it’s all the same……moron on duty, lunatic on duty, and they act like they own the place. Worked here for a short time, will not say the position I was in, but will say that I have never worked at a place in my 35 years of employment, where there are so many incompetent individuals in my life!!

I took the job as a get by sort of thing until something better came along, figuring the line of work I do, how bad could it be??? I was presented with the word huddle, really? Where I have worked in my past, the real world called it a morning meeting, it’s not a football game, nor is it by any means a team, there is no team in places like this, everyone is out for them selves, and the red shirts they give to those with the bullseye on the front of the shirt, should be repositioned to the back of the shirt, as eventually your gonna get hit, a moving target to say the least, the amount of smoke that is blown up these younger kids @$$’, a fireman could not get through that smoke, even with full gear on!!

Just being there a short time, I can honestly say that most of these idiots, as I use that word lightly, are so unprofessional, they make a job like McDonald’s look good!!! All that is a big concern is red cards and bonus’ with upper management, they should be called green cards as they have some of these people  Alienized. There is no benefit to working here as they even treat the older generation of people who work there like crap!!! I have never had a bad job in my life even working at a local McDonald’s as a kid, until I seen first hand what really goes on in a multi billion dollar company like this one.

When I first got called in for an interview I had two individuals sitting in front of me reading questions from a piece of paper,  that basically did not have a clue as to how to interview. It’s like they toss a quarter 10 minutes prior to see who will be conducting it!!! Any one of you younger kids reading this and thinking, “wow this person is very hostile”, wrong, do yourselves a favor and get a degree, cause the management that works here obviously never wanted to better themselves and got sucked into a retail nightmare. I have been in many work places, and have worked for some big industries in my time, this place is not a real job, they cheer one another on their 2 way radios when someone promotes a red card, which is very unprofessional. If your not a yes man or a kiss @$$, you will never get a promotion, and the numbers game they have I place is very poor. It is places like these that have shut local business’ down, to me I would rather go to the local guy and give him the business. They always worry about appearance, but they should really look at some of the people that they employee.

I had the pleasure in meeting some nice people who worked there….those are the ones who didn’t kiss @$$, nor did they put up with micro management, keep up the good work target”U”, training future leaders to lie to their employees, your not fiooling anybody, nor do you give a sh@t about them.

just a thought……install a revolving door at the main entrance, cause that’s how many people I have seen go through it,in the short time I was employed there!!!!!  Hope this was helpful for all those looking for a first job!!! DONT DO IT!!! The raises are terrible too!!!!!   Thank you to all those who were civil while I was there, you know who you are…..



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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    You don't provide much detail to your experience with Target, but I get what your saying. It's true Target is easily the worst place I have ever worked for as well. The raises are a total joke. The only people who tolerate don't know any better. Retail as a whole is terrible, but Target is the worst when it comes to how they treat their employees.

  • SoAnxiousToday says:

    I agree with a lot of this. While there's a lot of cool people where I work - the management above GSA is just HORRIBLE. They compromise good customer service in hopes of getting red cards... It's a shame...

    My interview went much of the same way yours did - which made me less nervous - especially seeing how they basically hire on the spot. They don't even need to be interviewing - all they want is a warm body on the floor (as someone else on here said before)

  • RyderFord says:

    Target is by far one of the worst places I've ever worked at. i'm fortunately getting out of there soon because i found another job.


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