Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 12, 2015 - ghostwidow

Wow, this company takes the cake

I have been in the work force a very long time, and I can honestly say that Target is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for (Dish Network being #1). What they expect of people is unrealistic in conjunction to what they are paid. This company expects the workers to kill themselves and the store to look absolutely perfect for a hair above minimum wage. You can’t be sick and your time is monitored to the minute for lunch. Speaking of lunch, Target does what the bare minimum of what the state requires which is usually 30 minutes. You have to take your lunch on your 5th hour but not go over 6 or you will be out of “compliance”. So you have to clock out at a certain time that is monitored to the minute, yet if you stand in front of the time clock to wait for said minute to pass, you get in trouble, what else are you supposed to do for 1 whole minute of time? 

Red cards are horrid. I have been in a store where it has been open for 30 minutes, 5 guests where in the store and an announcement came over the walkie “Why don’t we have any red cards yet”. The store was open 30 minutes and only 5 people were in there, calm down about the red cards. Perhaps people don’t want to have a card that is over 20% interest for a whopping 5% discount. Kirkland’s has a spin to win app you can download for free and get a minimum of 5% off up to 15% off and you don’t have to go through a credit check and get a card to do it.

Talk about short staffing a store, if it is a lower volume Target, you get a skeleton crew to handle things, yet everything needs to look 100% “brand” and guests needs to be served in a timely manner, even though your coached for late breaks if you have to stick around to help said guests since there are hardly any employees in the store. Which brings me to another point, “brand”. Target is a half of a step above a wal-mart, yet they think the store should look like a luxury retail store that has never been shopped and is less than 1 month old. It’s a Target for crying out loud , the people who shop there are not high class, you sell food and coffee there, you get a lot of traffic throughout the day, the cleaning crew is only there for a short while and all in all its quite a large store. To expect the store to look perfect and “brand” is a bit unrealistic.

You need a 4 year degree to be accepted into the ranks of ETL or STL. They will not accept anything less. Even though sais ETL’s or STL’s probably have never worked a day of retail in their life. They may not even have a degree that has anything to do with the business, perhaps they have a computer science degree. Doesn’t matter to Target, as long as you have that piece of paper, your competent enough to run the store. Never mind there are people that have maybe a 2 year degree and over 20 years of experience, that’s not good enough, you need that 4 years slip of paper to join the ranks of the higher ups.

The turnover at this company is truly remarkable. it is literally a revolving door with people calling out and quitting every other day. And it is no wonder, you get demeaning hours, you get coached for every little thing even if it is not your fault, benefits are nonexistent (10% discount, really?) and expensive medical care. Target does not care about its employees (working on Thanksgiving, open late on Christmas eve). Target doesn’t even play music over the intercom because heaven forbid they “offend” someone. You can hear music in grocery stores for crying out loud. You are a number, a dispensable number that can easily be replaced by the next sucker that decides to join the ranks of this company.

I would suggest to anyone who is thinking of applying here to stay as far away as you can. Nothing good comes out of this company and yourself worth is much more valuable than having to put yourself through this depressing degrading greedy company’s ethical practices.



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  • viciousdave says:

    I know, target has caused me anxiety disorder which leads to the fatigue I've been having. I searched it online and anxiety takes away the body's energy which causes fatigue. I don't like people, I don't want to cashier, but they always say well you can't move on to another area until you are perfect at this one. WTF? In other stores like even fast food mcdonalds I have worked at,I did about 2 months of frys, a year of burger making, and than for 2 more years I did the cooking of chicken, fish, burgers, and breakfast. Does target allow you to go where you think you'll be more happy and less stressed and anxiety will happen? NO, not at all. Leaders always have favorites too, where as I always get picked on about your didn't get enough red cards, you wearing the wrong shirt when others aren't wearing red either you don't get them off and say hey go home put on red shirt and come back. Only me and one other guy, oh the rest can break the rules but not you. WTF? So at target it's not lawful rules, it's racist towardes one way.Target is bullshit non-law abiding taking sides, crap anxiety level stress giving fatigue causing bullshit for me.

  • luna831 says:

    It a 45 min lunch get your facts.

    • xfreakygamer says:

      Its actually 30, they even have a list upstairs that shows what time u need to be back in 30 minutes depending on when u go on lunch.

  • Silverfox says:

    The canadian failure was a beginning of the end for target. Except the selfish attidude of customers is a symptom of an issue in the education system. They need to start teaching etiquette in schools again. Teach kids how to be respectful of their elders and behave properly.

    • MrSharkNasty says:

      I totally disagree with you. I worked retail for 6 years in an home improvement setting and the most disrespectful people were the elderly. Younger people were much more polite and appreciative. Old people were miserable and treated you like you were stupid and worthless.

      • viciousdave says:

        I guess I agree with both of you as I've seen it both ways. Cheap ass young people are always like no that's the wrong price, why didn't I get that $5 dollar gift card, how come that damn coupon won't work, why won't you aprove it? Cause you don't have that item at all! DUH! Old people are the same way, hey that's not right, it should be under $15 for this purchase, I say it's not 1999 anymore, prices have gone way up since then. People are so bitter and stupid beyond shit about prices of the littlest stupid crap I just wanna slap people all day long for there stupidity. It's like hello, I make less money than all of you mother fuckers yet I don't say to any cashier at any store hey that's the wrong price, and I don't even use my employee discount or a red card. These people are bullshiting about the stupidest cheapest shit on earth, while I make less and don't complain about crap because I pay the right price, not a fake, lied, steeling, theft price like all the mother fuckers do! I'm sick of it and I'm not doing any more cashier as of tomorrow, for once I'm gonna stand up for what I want to do and not there bullshit that gives me anxiety and anger. I'm gonna do what I want and if they fire me I don't give a flying shit as they are assholes to me!

        • Silverfox says:

          feckers should go to walmart then. if they think tarshit usa is expensive, they haven't seen how expensive Target can get. Target was competitive when they opened in my area but the tales are back east are that Target was even more expensive than a convenience store in pricing.

      • RedcardWarrior says:

        I must say, when I was working at Target, I had many more rude elderly people than I did teenagers or even brat kids for that fact. This is Illinois as well, but the entitlement level was insane. Part of getting your ass kissed by management every time you walk in the door.


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