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March 1, 2014 - OriAsher

World’s Most Evil LOD

Alright, so I left the University for a year to find some work and get some real-world job experience. I applied to a bunch of different places and Target ended up contacting me for an interview. The world’s most evil LOD loved me during the interview, as such I was hired directly to guest services, which surprised me as I thought I would be stuck cashiering. For the first day of training, it was wonderful. Then it all turned to shit.

I was told immediately that I needed to improve lots on my speed, which I definitely understood, since I was new, and still learning. So I worked hard on speed, and got to the point where everyone in the store was okay with my work…except her.

This LOD is the spawn of Satan, I swear. At first I thought everyone was crazy when they warned me about her, she seemed so nice! She was the one who interviewed me after all. But later on I found out just how demented this woman was.

When I would close guest services, she would make me not only sort CRCs and Electronic Recycling, but she would make me take a tally of everything (that is her job!) and if something was missing, it was automatically my fault even though I wasn’t there for the majority of the day, and if something was checked off incorrectly, I got heat from her because I didn’t do HER job properly! That’s just the start though.

There is literally a metric asstonne of work to do when closing guest services, aside from the extra work she would assign me to do periodically, because her lazy ass would rather chat it up with the STL who occasionally supervised the closing. I swear, this woman must be a good bang because that’s the only way I can imagine her being hired and kept as an LOD. Literally EVERYONE below her in the store hated her. Not a single person, whether Team Member, GSA, GSTL, and most LODs could stand her! Yet there she was, lording over the store like she owned the place.

But anyway, she would bitch me out for CRCs not being tallied (as said before, her job) when I not only had to bag and sort tons of late carts arriving as late as 5 minutes before leaving for the night, meaning I never got my final 15, ever, but I had to wipe everything down, handle Price Accuracy and Vendor Pickup boxes, close photo, and sometimes even do dollar spot as well! All by myself, with the 45 minutes we had for closing!

This woman LOVED to see her employees fail. She would always have this nasty ass smirk on her face when correcting something you did. If everything wasn’t done, no matter how much work there was, she would smirk and say some nasty ass comment meant to make you feel like shit, which brings me to the last straw.

It was absolutely crazy that day, and for a while during the typical lunch hour, I was the only person working at Guest Services, meaning I had to do sorting, manage photo, AND deal with the hordes of guests all by myself! I called for backup at least 3 times from my register and called twice over the walkie, and I got a patronizing response from this LOD the second time “nobody is free now, handle it yourself” News flash bitch, when I call for backup and it’s that desperate, it’s YOUR responsibility to back me up! I had a line over 15 people long of guests I had to handle, so naturally I didn’t have time to sort the mountains of stuff brought back to me. There were around 6 full carts of stuff piled on the side that I couldn’t get to because I had to help the guests! So when this LOD walked by guest services, she laughed to herself and said “this is the worst I’ve ever seen guest services! what do you have to say for yourself?” I was so tempted to just lose my shit and put her on blast in front of everybody, but instead, I walked out of guest services, went straight to human resources, and told them I was quitting. They sent me to the break room while they got the paperwork for me, saying it would be 5 minutes. Nearly half an hour later, I find out that this BITCH LOD, after hearing that I was quitting, literally sprinted to her office to file termination paperwork first. Probably to save her own ugly face. So I get fired and treated like shit.

Before this job I was a computer tech for my University of multi-thousand and was also in charge of customer service there! I deserved better than what they showed me, every bit of criticism and every bit of BS she threw my way, I took it with a smile and kept working, regardless of what it was! This was just the last straw, I don’t know how she is allowed to get away with being this horrible! So many people who quit directly attribute her as one of the reasons. You’d think they’d do something about this by now!


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  • disgusted says:

    I am very sorry to read your story. Sadly this is so typical of how target teats its employees. Leaders must be taught in their classes how to sit around in the Leader area, and do nothing or little, and expect others to do their work for them, and then complain later.

    You say" you would think" that target would do something about many things, well the obvious truth is they just don't care. As long as the upper echillon is playing golf somewhere warm, and their bank accounts remain fat, they honestly don't care about anything else. They will lie, cheat, and treat people like crap just as long as Minneapolis HQ is happy.

  • Silverfox says:

    should have just put her on full blast in front of everybody.

  • takemethere says:

    There is no such thing as L.O.D love at Target. Target was not like this at first. For every team member they messed over. For every team member they wrong fully terminated or fired out of spite. For every team member who spoke up but got retaliated against. For every team member whose review got jacked up because of some budget for raises. For all these unfair, ignorant l.o.d's they are staffing their stores with, Target is now paying for their sins. Stop all these stupid meetings and conference calls cause when we get back to our stores it is the same bullcrap. Management does not care. The only way to take the beast down is cut off its head or blind it.

  • famouswriter17 says:

    Wow. Even Brian and Kelsy aren't THIS horrible and they are complete idiots that think they know everything and love to be your "friend". I am so sorry...


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