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March 18, 2016 - grizzbear

Wish I had seen this before . . .

I took this f#ng job at Target.

I’ve had deli experience so I thought this would be a good job and a step up from my other department store deli job.  When you feel like you’re gonna puke when you got to go in, you know you made a very, very bad decision.  After working two shifts, the department manager was surprised that I was working in the deli because I hadn’t done the video/quiz stuff.  One of those things I was told to guess on because the dude said there was nothing to read before the quiz.  Thankfully, I found it.  That should have have been a warning sign to m.!  Things went downhill from then on.  Compliments?  No.  Encouragement?  No.  Training checklist or explanation of job expectations? No.  But, plenty of criticism – and not constructive either.  Target sucks!  ! want to hug my old boss.




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