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November 20, 2014 - bmw21491

Will target ever work a part time employee a 12 hr shift?

well recently I worked for Walmart. So far. I say Walmart is better than target. Will target work a part time e mployee a 12 hr shift. Plus do they allow anyone. To change their avability when needed?





  • Bombcar says:

    Not in California, I don't know about other states. Changing availability is Luke pulling teeth.

  • TargetSlaveee says:

    I was "part time", but they worked me as a full time employee. I got more hours then I could handle. You have to pass your 90 days In order to change your availability..

  • bdubs2014 says:

    They've always been fine with me changing my availability, which happens at least 3 times a year since I'm a college student. Most of my coworkers have had no problem with changing theirs. A couple have had to really bother HR and stay on them until it got approved, but after a little while it gets approved. It all depends on the store and who you're dealing with.

  • bdubs2014 says:

    And no on e I know has ever gotten scheduled for a 12 hour shift. The only time that has happened is if someone decided to pick up a shift before or after their shift, but that was their choice and they wanted to do it.


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