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April 30, 2014 - foodETLbitch

Why do I still work here

Ok iv been working for target for about 3 years already and really want to give out a story about this shithole. So around thanksgiving I was hired as a season produce team member this is my second job but first in retail. After all the interviews and policy I understand hey this might turn out good. Later work in produce suck, first team lead knew her stuff give her props for knowing her stuff. For about 3-4 months it was a roller coaster it was Thanksgiving week and didn’t know what I was walking into soo no big deal that’s just work moving on, but wait I was never able to complete my cashier training? Why cause people didn’t know how to manage or keep track of team members capabilities. Sucks that I learn cashiering Thanksgiving week when everyone cart was at least $300. So about 2 months later I was hired as permanent and was able to explore my opportunities. My food etl at that time grew interst in me and was having me cross train in multiple departments. After a year I was able to work in deli, starbucks, grocery, flo, hardlines, meat, food ave and last produce my home department. I was given an opportunity to become a food specialist I really wanted it for a raise since I havnt been there more than a year I was like dang this might be easy. Well no 2 1/2 years later my team lead is endanger Of losing her job, my etl finally has her dream job as a teacher and I have been through hell first when my etl was gone who was the guy to help everyone with there problems and breaks lunch or actually had an idea how to run those food departments? It was me. I wasn’t really able to open or close them fully cause I was in the middle of training and that I was pulled like crazy in order to be that backup plan or the only plan I think. Next team lead gone but before she was fired we were the only two left she didn’t know how to keep a good work place cause out department help everyone but yet no one help us? Team members were all unhappy this was all on my team lead. Next I work alone without no help and this job takes two people to do it but I honesty work alone 45 times, 15 doubles cause there was no closer and remember I’m giving everyone a break watching lunches and order and was still able to finish everything alone! Right now at this time I’m basically a food ETL I can work 12 department can close all of foods department from top to Bottom. Can order for produce, meat, deli I’m really familiar with Starbucks and food ave. can work alone and still finish the job. And most of the time I watching 2+ departments everyday. My etl right now is getting promoted for a store team lead she doesn’t know shit!! Can’t slice meat, doesn’t know how to steam coffee, can barley take orders in pizza hut, dosnt know anything about bakery. So tell me guys do y’all do this much work? Or I’am the only one?




  • TargetSucks says:

    Seriously people, paragraphs. Just hit the return key once in a while.

  • shellzbellz says:

    I worked 28 aisles of grocery for 8 hours everyday BY MYSELF. Nobody wants the job, nobody stays in the position SOMETHING is obviously wrong with that right? Oh, but when I suggested getting someone to help me so I preform better I get fired.

  • allergy says:

    They get mad that I can't help the guests when I am scheduled to work by myself.

    Then they ask why I didn't call for help.

    But when I call for help, it's rare that someone even comes by. It's even rarer that someone comes by and asks if I need anything. Even rarer than that is if someone comes by, asks if I need anything, and actually gets me help.

    I swear, someone leaves every week.

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    Uh, yeah..Target works the fuck outta people. Real people get used the fuck up and quit and "yes men" with no dignity stay & play because they love to take it dry up the ass.


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