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November 23, 2014 - HP2114

Unrealistic expectations

I started working at Target about 4 months ago and at first I thought it was going pretty well. I was doing what I needed and got along with pretty much everyone. I don’t even know when things started going downhill. This past month has been pure hell on Earth. The LOD’s expect so much out of you it’s ridiculous. I work in hardlines and it isn’t too awful, but we are expected to be working on our zones, do pulls, work returns, go for backup cashier, help guests in person and on the phones/call buttons. This one TL is such a douche, he doesn’t even do anything but gloat about how awesome he is while he can’t even finish his zone on time. He goes on walkie and tells everyone what to do like he’s the LOD, I can’t stand him. When we are working on pulls or zones, they yell at us for not working on returns, then when we start working on those, we get bitched at for not clearing the line…wtf do they want me to do first? I only have two hands trying to do 50 fucking things at once for your lazy asses who sit in the break room on the computers and don’t do shit. Also, whoever makes the schedule is a fucking moron. They started me out working mostly evenings, closing, etc. now they have me closing at 12:30 (which we stay until like 2 am to finish the zones), then come in the next morning at 8 am to open…my whole 5 hours of sleep i’m gonna get between shifts. The managers are lazy asses, the “guests” are rude and let their stupid kids destroy the store while they just laugh and bitch about the price of everything, which I have NO control over whatsoever. They don’t care about their employees at all. I’m one shift away from walking out the door and never coming back.


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