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January 19, 2014 - disgusted

Unprofessional leaders take things to the next step

I was pretty disgusted with the so called leaders at Target before, but recently they have exceeded what anyone could have imagined possible in the bully and simply dumb departments. Sales have been slow, like all Target stores lately, but recently leaders of the store actually try to blame the employees for this. Talk about sinking lower then the lowest low.

We do all we can in our store, and I think things are green above the board, except since we had no real leadership for many months, Backroom accuracy feel by the slightest amount. Of course in target style,  ways have been put in place to raise that number, (it is and always has been in the high 90% range (97 or higher actually), but we the lowely Team members were actually accused of the fact that the backroom accuracy is totally responsible for the lack of sales at target, and thus hours for payroll, and on and on……


beyond ridiculous….leaders can’t accept responsibility for things they are responsible for, so they blame the lowly “pee-ons:”


How low will you sink target as far as treating employees with an ounce of anything good?






  • Silverfox says:

    they blaming the employees yet for the data breach?

  • disgusted says:

    I am sure it is on their minds to blame us for that too...its nice to be so powerful that we team members are the cause and are responsible for everything in life, especially if target or any of its leaders are involved at all.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol how about blaming employees for not understanding the community? Seriously i dropped by my local target and the usual chinese new year stuff the previous store always had every year was not there. Hello? Target? This is north america's largest chinese community.

  • Silverfox says:

    well well, lookie what i found.

    Target was an early pioneer of smart card technology in the United States, but the company dropped the experiment because it was slowing down checkout lines.
    Taken from the boston globe.

    Anyone betting on a major catfight in target headquarters? Someone's head is gonna be rolling. Or be going I told you so!. I do feel for the security dudes, they tried to push a safer system but they got pushed back because it was slowing the checkouts. LOL.

    • Silverfox says:

      sorry folks for defending target saying they weren't at fault for the breach. Techically target store management is at fault for the breach.

  • Anywho650 says:

    hopefully target goes under in ten years! Their website is horrible!

  • Salem says:

    it full of lies and fake ads

  • disgusted says:

    Salem says the website is full of lies, isn't that what tarshit does best though, lie? It's very hard apparently for them to do anything else, honesty and decency is just so hard for them to understand. awww, and after all that hard work in TL and ETL school too., man of them didn't learn what being a human being is, I guess it just isn't "brand" to be too "real",must follow the "Cult" thinking and behaviour. Without prejudice of course


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