Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

January 4, 2015 - SarahBuller


I initially was employed by Target as a seasonal team member in softlines and occasionally cashiering. I got the interview and job just by walking in and handing them my application, they were desperate for employees. It was my first job ever so I was a little nervous to begin working in such a hectic atmosphere. My first shift was cashiering on a busy saturday before halloween. They did the whole “training” process with me, which was basically handing me a booklet and telling me to “figure it out”. After sitting at the training cash register for 30 minutes, I was told by my LOD to try it out for real. He assured me he would shadow me and help me out. Sounds good right? Well, after I checked out my first guest I look behind me and he took off! I was stuck there with no training on how to get the damn security cases of the video games. I didn’t know anyone there so I just preyed them open with my bare hands. I had no clue what red cards were, but they forced me to try to sell them. One guest spilled bleach all over the belt and I was yelled at for it, on my first day, with no training on handling chemicals.

On to my favorite, soft lines. First of all, this was the worst experience I had come across at target. I do not even know where to begin. Let’s start off with the people working there. Some were extremely nice and others not so much. About 40% of the workers in soft lines were in high school like I was, the rest were above 19. I had no issues with the people my age or even the older ones. I consider myself to be a person that will respect you if you respect me. I only had issues with three of the soft lines team members. These team members were between the ages of 19-25. They believed they ruled the fucking soft lines kingdom and everything and everyone in it. This particular person, lets call him Charlie was such a bitch. He treated people like they were peasants and that he was a know it all. He treated me particularly like absolute and utter shit. He would socialize the whole time he was working talking about getting more piercings and what not, while all of the others were working. But the one time me and two other girls were caught talking he ran off to the team leaders and complained that we weren’t doing our job. He made me clean up his mess and do all his reshop. He asked me to do all these errands for him like I was some little bitch. He made me pick up crushed up cheetos on a CARPET with a dust pan and brush. We used to call him jingles because he would prance around with a shitload of keys on his hip like he was someone of superior authority. I was assigned SO MANY ZONES. I WAS ASSIGNED 4-5 ZONES A NIGHT ALL BY MYSELF WHILE HE SOCIALIZED. I understand that there are going to be people like that and that I need to learn how to deal with people like him but man is he annoying to work with. I was expected to have perfect zones by the end of the night and couldn’t leave until he personally walked through them and critized them. Honestly he was a piece of shit zoner himself and expected me to do all this stuff I was never trained to do. Of course after a few weeks of working there I didn’t deal with his fucking bullshit orders and started acting like he was acting towards me. Then these two others girls, who weren’t as bad as him, were his little sidekicks. They would sit around the fitting room “sorting reshop” all day, aka socializing. They were not assigned any zones since they were they ones assigning everything and gave me all their work! I had so many sections every night it was extremely stressful. There was one night in particular were I was assigned everything by myself besides ready-to-wear and mens. It was also the weekend before christmas and the zones were an absolute mess. Of course like I was trained you bring a cart around with you to fill with mis-placed items. Well I had a 5 1/2 hour shift that night and it was impossible for me to do all the reshop and zones at once. So i decided since i can’t leave without perfect zones, I need to get that done first. I ended up staying 30 minutes late with a full cart of reshop. I felt really bad that I left those girls so much reshop but it wasn’t my fault that there was so much misplaced stuff. I also had to leave at the time because I was minutes away from compliance. I bring the cart over to the fitting room and of course get screamed at. These girls were at the store until close, and had no other responsibilities besides reshop, which gave them about 3 hours to get it completed. Fuck you bitches maybe you have some work to do now.

And for my final rant, LODS. LODS suck! 🙂 Your typical LOD profile is someone who is 30-50 years old who is a complete bitch. I know it is part of their job to be stern but this was unnecessary. I am a minor and I initially signed up for 15-20 hours a week because that was all I could fit into my schedule with extracurriculars, challenging classes, social life, sleep, etc..So the first week was a 20 hour week which I thought was enough but the weeks after that it was bumped up to 30 HOURS A WEEK. MY WEEKENDS WERE GONE ALONG WITH MY SOCIAL LIFE.  I asked them politely to decrease my hours so I could manage better and my LOD told me I need to tell that to someone else other than her…What…AREN’T YOU THE ONE SCHEDULING ME? Yes, yes you are so please work with me. My grades were falling and my school actually had to call target because they wouldn’t listen to me! Target assured me a spot as a full part-time employee telling me it was a very large chance that I would be re-employed at the end of the season. THEY FUCKING LIED! I was let off on new years and they told me they could longer extend my employment. Fuck you target!




  • gladImjustseasonal says:

    I'm sorry you had such a disappointing run at Target. There's nothing worse than having bad co-workers. The over-scheduling was my biggest complaint too. Making someone work twice as much as they wanted to when they were hired makes even the happiest employee miserable. I don't know why they don't realize that.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    A lot of people have complained about getting too many hours as well at my store, particularly newer yet regular cashiers (a couple of who already quit some time ago). Ironically, the ones who actually need the hours sometimes are the ones who get the least amount of hours at the same time! I don't understand why Target can't just give people the hours they asked for in the first place. It's weird how HR does seriously nothing all day long but deal with some paperwork, handle some phone calls, and making the schedules (but wait that's generated by the computer anyways). Honestly I don't even think the people who make the schedules actually look them over to make sure some stupid mistakes are made. A little too convenient for them I think... Ugh, screw Target.

    If you can, find another job but if not, do volunteer work some place relevant to the field you're considering working for in the future. Volunteer work does sometimes turn into a paid position with time and good work performance! Target sucks all the way.


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