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November 1, 2012 - kerryjo85

Treated Unfairly

So I used to work at Target (2008-2010). I was hired as seasonal and loved my job. I moved overnight to get a full time position on the planogram team. There was 7 (including my team lead) of us on this team and thank goodness we were not an overnight store because than we would get nothing done. Out of the 6 (I took myself out of the count here), 2 of them right away hated me for talking to someone who was in high school. Really?? When I brought this to my team leads attention, she said that is just the way they are and to ignore it. Um no, they needed to have something said to them. They shouldn’t treat new employees that was. Moving on, my team lead liked me and was saying how I was a good worker and that she can see I worked really hard. That was really short lived because at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, she was telling everyone that they needed to pick it up (at this time we had 5 people and one of us did revisions). We were trying our hardest and I would constantly have to stay late and get in trouble for it. If I didn’t stay late, things wouldn’t get done and I would get in trouble for it. I wasn’t written up or so I thought. On a Thursday, 3 of us team members sat down and talked to HR about Gloria. I stated that I feel like that I am going to show up to work and not have a job. I returned to work on Monday and worked about 10 minutes before being fired for too many write ups. I never signed a damn thing but I managed to have my file stuffed with write ups. I thought that you were suppose to sign them so you know what is going in your file. Where was my protection of my job over some overbearing tyrant that just wanted to read magazines all night long. Before I sat down with HR, I asked to move to the flow team (stocking) and they told me that I had to stay in my position and resolve this matter. I told them some of the inappropriate things she was doing and they told me it’s against their policy. Was there a policy on stuffing an employee file?? I don’t think so. I believe it was because I was making her 2 (yep, the 2 she defended in the beginning) look bad by doing deep cleaning and making my aisle look better. Goes to show that giving 110% doesn’t pay off in this company. Screw Target and that old hag Gloria.


Employee Experience


  • Hate_Me says:

    Who cares? It's a shitty job anyways. I was written up a few times and I never signed a goddamn thing. But apparently, they can do that...if anyone asks questions, they say that they coached you and that you refused to sign the write up because you didn't agree with it.

    Regardless, you should really just not care. This really isn't that bad of a story, and you're kinda being a whiney-ass baby.

    When you're shoveling shit off the floors that some r****d shat there after he drew Dora the Explorer on the walls with his feces, then can bitch. Until then, get the fuck over it.


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