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January 6, 2014 - Hate_Me

To You “Fired” Seasonal Workers:

I am typing in Bold font because I’m a pain in the ass and I don’t care. I worked at Target twice: once in 2003, and again from 2007-2012. During that time, I saw many seasonal workers come and go. Before, if you were a seasonal worker that they didn’t want to hang on to past the Christmas season, you would find out the hard way: by showing up to work and realizing that you had been taken off the schedule, or not scheduled on the new one that comes out each week. No one would explain anything to you; as to why they had chosen to let you go, etc. You were just given the boot.

I was recently in Target shopping, and there was a cashier who has shown me she is notorious for telling me her life’s story while she’s checking me out at the lanes. She obviously has a mental disability of some degree, so I kinda just went with it whenever I went through her line. On my last trip to Targhetto, she was exclaiming loudly that she had been taken into the office that day and told that she would not be retained as a regular employee past the Christmas season. She’s not the most professional of employees, but c’mon; who at Target is?? Target acts like they’re Lockheed Martin or something, and that folding a t-shirt is a form of basic rocket science. They think that the proper use of a PDA requires skills comparable to that of a microscopic neurological brain surgeon, and only “the chosen” can do anything right (“the chosen” being the leaders there…and I use the term “leaders” lightly). 

Here’s my point: yes, this cashier was a little weird, and it was awkward hearing about her life, but at the same time, Target should have higher standards of hiring and training people before sending people like her back out to Unemployment Land where she will most-likely face a difficult time landing a job. I think it’s sad that Target plays this game with peoples’ lives. If the candidate wasn’t worth retaining, and you could see clearly at her interview that she wasn’t playing with a full deck, then why hire her at all? Just to fulfill seasonal help hiring projections? I’ve seen so many under-qualified people get hired each season, and to add to their lack of education or intelligence, Target furthers their chances of not succeeding by not training them. These employees are quickly written off as useful, and instead the “leaders” focus their attentions fully on barely-more capable people.

It’s sad that this happens. I think that Target should allot certain employees with better chances of success; not by sticking them as a cashier, but maybe a backroom worker, a shelf stocker, or even a cart attendant…then treat them fairly. For all of you who lost your jobs after the Christmas season, I am sorry that Target probably let you go in the most apathetic way possible, as they’re known for doing. I hope you all find jobs that are appreciative of what you can bring to the table and utilize your skills.

And as always, Fuck Target!




  • viciousdave says:

    Yeah, it sucks that a lot were let go. A lot of the seasonal hires at my store are still there. So, IDK, maybe it will be February before some are let go or my manager just wanted to hire a lot more people and keep them. As for me, I have OCD, not to the extreme, but for organization and psychic as I know what people are going to say and want before they tell me, so I'm a very good fast cashier. I've had this luck of psychic ability since I was a child, it's just something I've always carried inside myself, so it works good for working with people being a cashier. A lot of the times it bothers me though and I say "yes I know you did, thank you." Saying it like a professor in a way of yes I knew, thank you! In that rectifying voice.


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