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August 25, 2014 - maryjobones

This company has taken my last nerve and pinched it

I’m a newbie to this website and need to vent and/or mostly share with you all my thoughts on quitting. I am totally over this company. As a flow team member, we lift, we clean, we zone, we help guests, and after all is said and done we are the ones who do things wrong. Anyway, first off, I’m tired (literally) of bending over (literally) backwards for a shit company that pays me a quarter over minimum wage $9.25 for what we do for the store.

I’m a small lady who has to deal with the furniture pallet off the line, no help, no team lift, just a hey! That goes on that pallet right there… And that doesn’t include the stuck up dumb ass team members that I have to deal with..

If our aisles aren’t zoned right, we have to restock, rezone, and REmember to look at the location, dpci, blah blah blah…

No recognition for the hardest working team members, but only for the ETL and LOD running the trucks, ‘running’ that’s a total understatement. There motto, fast, fun, and friendly is far from what the team members and the ‘cheerleaders’ (STL, ETL, LOD, TL’s) are..

I’ve been with this company for close to two and and I’m tired of busting the corns on my feet for this job. I’m ready to quit this company and take my work ethic elsewhere. Anyone have any takes on the best way to handle that?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    A youtube video with the tag "" telling them all off would be awesome. 🙂

  • TargetGrunt says:

    If you're not worried about using them as a reference, just walk out. Giving them your two weeks is more respect than they deserve.

  • TargetMinion says:

    I don't know if each state is different (I work as an HR TM in Florida) but here Target can't give good or bad references. If somebody lists Target as a job and they call we have to provide that employer with the Employment Verification phone number. All it does is let employers know that yes, you did work for Target and how long you were employed with the company. They don't know why you left, your work performance, if you gave two weeks notice, etc... So like TargetGrunt stated, your two weeks notice is just a courtesy. But that's here in Florida, not sure what the laws are in other stars regarding that, or if Target has this policy nationwide. I'd check before you decide to walkout so it doesn't come back to bite you in the ass if your specific state laws allow your STL or ETL HR to say negative things to prospective employers that call for a reference. Good luck!

  • Flyers000 says:

    It's like that at my store too. Females are expected to do everything. But I actually like the heavy stuff. I'd honestly rather deal with furniture than push a cart of underwear.
    No help is typical. It's either get used to it or leave.
    If you can hang in there until you find another job then do that. Good luck to you.

  • Silverfox says:

    Best to find another job while still at target. That way they can't screw you over.

  • SusieH says:

    i was able to find another job that's only a five week contract but that's fine by me because im going back to school. Good luck to you. It's a hellish place but this website has given me the strenght to keep moving foward and run away from tarshit. I'm canning my red card too.


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