Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

April 19, 2013 - rebecca_k

Thinking about finally quitting this unfair organization!!

So I’ve been working as a cashier at Target for almost 2 years now and it has increasingly gotten more and more intolerable to work at my location. When I started working at Target they barely cared about their REDCard sales at all. If you got one a week, then great job. With new managers coming in throughout the time, it has gone from just gently nagging us about shoving these REDCards down peoples throats, to forcing us to make every single guest get a STUPID REDCard!! I’ve been “talked” to every day for the past week about making sure that I’m “driving” REDCard sales and that I am “engaging” with the guests. I’m engaging all right, I just don’t want to force these innocent people to give all their money to Target.

It just depends on how horrible these next few days go, but unless they stop telling me to interact with the guests, which I’m already doing perfectly well, then I might be quitting soon.

They love you if you get REDCards, and they completely ignore you if you don’t get any.


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    Unfortunately just say hey is this going on your red card today and that'll satisfy having to ask. Id rather fill the milk which is absolutely the worst every day then have to cashier and they're loading the hell out of me with the crap cashier shifts.

  • VodkaStinger says:

    I love how shitty TLs and LODs make you feel about not getting REDCards, and when you do, it's "great, get me more." Hope they burn in hell.

  • redevilredevil says:

    Oh no! Its not enough that you say is this going on your red card. If they say no and no I'm not interested you have to let them know that we also have a debit card no credit check if you have a bank account you qualify to dave 5% everytime you shop at Target. If you don't do this the bitch hovering behind will let you know you're not pushing it hard enough. When what you really want is to tell that GSTL to shove them red cards up her hoohaa!

  • quitters_win says:

    We constantly had to shove redcards down guests throats. Those are who redcards were cherished but the problem is you would have to keep it up. I wish I could punch my former stl and etl in the fucking head and than stomp on them.

  • Angelknight says:

    lol, I'd be tempted to use my credit union bank card just to make them indirectly contribute to the environment and to my credit union's wages who are paid a living wage.


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