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August 30, 2012 - Plummer

The New Flow System SUCKS!!!

I guess I should have known what I was in for, when during orientation, they said Target’s philosophy was ‘Speed is Life’.


Early morning flow crew has always been a thankless, bust-ass job where the TL and ETL crack the whip and drive you like a slave. It’s the only job where even though you’re scheduled to get done work at 12:30 pm, if the truck isn’t done? You’re expected to stay until it is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve busted your ass to get shit done while your “teammates” have dragged ass all day, socializing, updating their FB updates on their phones, and looking down the fat girl’s top when she bends over to get a look at her boobs. No, you are expected to stay no matter how tired you are and if you do leave? The TL calls you every name in the book behind your back while the ETL cuts your hours to ribbons. It also doesn’t help that none of the other rejects in the store care enough to help because they’re all pissed because you’re on flow crew and get a dollar an hour more. BULLSHIT! This fucking pace isn’t worth the dollar. They can have it!


But yeah, the old way was bad… BUT THE NEW SYSTEM IS WORSE! The new way to unload trucks now requires us to start at 5:30 am and now? The items come flying off that truck and woe to you if you’re in the way because you will get injured! We’re talking “Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory” fast here and it’s ridiculous the rapid pace they expect, all in an effort to get the truck done at 7am. The TL is in the truck now along with two other guys who throw the truck, the scanning person, and her pet weasel who just wants to stand around and hit on the scanner person. The TL is throwing items while screaming “KEEP THE LINE MOVING” and the line is fucking filled because there’s no where to go with the shit! The guy they have pulling pallets is a fucking stoner who can’t be bothered to do anything but whine to the ETL that you piled your pallet too high. WELL GUESS WHAT EINSTEIN, IF YOU PULLED MY FUCKING PALLET WHEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO, IT WOULDN’T BE THAT HIGH!!! Then when your knee deep in merchandise that’s fallen off or been tossed off of the line to keep it moving, you look down the line and there are two to four softlines team members just standing around, drinking a soda, bullshitting with each other! You have to be fucking kidding me!


Then comes the real fun: After 7am? Comes the stocking of the shelves in A, B, C, and D. There’s supposed to be a separate team that starts at 6am that’s been stocking the shelves, but it all depends on their mood on whether or not there’s a ton of shit on the floor or if they actually did their jobs. Never mind that your heart’s racing, your covered in sweat, and gasping for air, the ETL walks down the aisle like a regular Captain Bligh, barking orders, urging you to get done. It’s sheer insanity! Target does not give one single damn about their employees or their safety! It’s all about speed and how fast you got done. By getting people to work faster? They’re now able to get the equivalent of FOUR trucks done on THREE days of payroll.


The whole flow crew is a joke. The TL plays favorites and talks about everyone behind their back. The ETL is a complete airhead. And my team mates? Half are senior citizens, and the rest is a mix of stoners, coke heads, and deviants.


I hate this job so fucking much. I want to leave, BADLY. But with the economy the way it is, I’m more or less stuck there.


Target SUCKS and I strongly urge anyone to stay the hell away. Trust me, you do not need this level of stress!!!


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  • targettard says:

    I think my store may have it slightly worse. We have many similar problems, plus a few more: At my store we flow the truck at 4 am, with a skeleton crew of sleep deprived individuals, and we are almost always understaffed, due to constant revolving door employment, and constant scheduling issues. Some members of my team are scheduled to work fewer than 10 hours a week, and we are all dirt poor, even those who work multiple jobs, which is the only way to get by here in New Mexico. We all are eager to stay and finish the truck, because that is the only way we make decent money. Naturally our ETLs are smug assholes and our HR guy has no concept of what our jobs entail, so we're always getting shafted by scheduling or unrealistic expectations. Sure, my fellow team members aren't always the brightest folk, but our "educated" management staff are the ones who truly impress me with their lack of common sense and lack of consideration or respect for their subordinants, many of whom are older and more experienced with the company than they are.

    I also don't think flow team members necessarily make a dollar more than anyone else, I started at about 50 cents more than minimum wage.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Wow, this was actually a pretty good rant. You used pretty good metaphors, used the fuck word excessively, made fun of fat chicks, and were basically complaining like one pissed off asshole.

    Loved it. I'd clap, but you wouldn't hear it anyway. But in heart, I'm applauding your rant.

  • Plummer says:


    Wow, this was actually a pretty good rant. You used pretty good metaphors, used the fuck word excessively, made fun of fat chicks, and were basically complaining like one pissed off asshole.
    Loved it. I’d clap, but you wouldn’t hear it anyway. But in heart, I’m applauding your rant.

    Ah cripes. Did I offend you? It was the fat chick comment right? Okay, I'm sorry. I have nothing against fat people and if you are one or dating one? They're beautiful people, really.

    • Hate_Me says:

      Not at all...I'm almost impossible to offend anyway. I fucking loved your rant. Usually a moron gets on here and misspells everything, uses shitty grammar, and has no idea how to properly construct a paragraph. Your rant was great.

  • Bloodandwire says:



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