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October 21, 2018 - ExTar-Vic

The New Boss

So just to warn you: I’m no longer a Target employee so I’m not suffering the same turmoil as you guys.

I was working in a Super Target in the Bakery. Now, it was a commonly known fact that the Bakery and the Deli shared the same team lead (is that what they’re called? they changed the terminology when I left). That’s how it was for the longest time. It was also known (even though no one was suppose to know) that the bakery had the highest paid wage. So when the shared boss retired, the games began.

Anyone with a decent attendance could interview, but it was most likely someone who was already in a team lead position. So that’s when we were so “shocked” to hear that the military sergeant of a boss of Starbucks was hired. When she came in to work after training at another store for another week, she was all smiles and positive attitudes. We could get the work done if she just did things her way! Easy!

Well, the bakery team kinda had our own thing that kinda was working for us. (In other words, was keeping us afloat with what was demanded of us in the shortening hours). But we had to be even faster and cleaner and more detail focused than ever. To anyone who works in food, you know what I say when I mean QMOS. It just means throwing best silly buy dates away. That was part of my many jobs as the food closer. I will try every night to pick up everything going out of date, but I. Will. Miss. Things. I’m human. We all are. That’s bane existence of this site.

Anyway, I’ll miss a few items and my next shift I get pull aside by my boss warning me that this can’t happen. Mind you, theses were 10 items out of the ENTIRE bakery section she’ll manage to weave out of the entire section. Since this is my first job, this freaked me the fuck out. I thought this was some serious shit, having the need to pull me aside. I tried to better, but obviously failed in another aspect. Hence, I got pulled in again, and again, and again, to the point where she threatened me where I would get a “disciplinary action” if I didn’t “straighten out”. That scared me shitless because I felt like there was nothing I could do to please her or go fast enough for her. I’ll admit, I was a slow worker and I got the basics done, but I got the basics done pretty damn well.

It got to the point where I would stalk her schedule to make sure I wouldn’t have to work with her during the day. I became AFRAID of her. I was afraid I was going to get fired over QMOS! Like, I would go home and cry about this to my parents (I live at home).

She finally moved away so I ended up not getting fired or suspended.


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