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October 12, 2014 - AJLeeisAwesome

The Abuse I Took Never Stopped

It has been about 4 months since my departure from Target, but I still feel it’s affect on my spirit many times. I’ve never seen a company that let’s so much ill behavior go astray, until now. I started at Target in June of 2013 in food service, and it went well for about less than a month. First and foremost when I went to go get my drug test and I passed and had it sent, my HR would say she didn’t get it, which was strange. Especially when the lab nurse who was on the phone with her had to go in another room away from me. When I got that settled, I was always getting harassed by my GSTL or LOD about the way I closed.  If one thing went undone they would get on me about it, especially this one Arab woman with glasses. Now I’m human people I have a mental learning curve and it takes me longer to do things than others. Especially when you’re doing everything by yourself so Target doesn’t have to give more people hours when they need it. People would make fun of me for little things like leaving the roller oven on or saying that my cooking sucks and that they wouldn’t go anywhere near it. The oven part wasn’t even my fault either, someone told me to leave it on, which obviously was a ploy to get me fired.

Which I’m about to get to right now!

After almost 3 months, I was switched to cashier only which was one of the perks I had with this job. But later I would get bothered by the GSTL with long raven black hair and hussy makeup because I COULDN”T SELL RED CARDS! She would always meet up with me at the worst times when I was alone and tell me if I wasn’t making my conversion I wasn’t fulfilling my core roles as a cashier. Basically, telling to quit or be fired. But through it all, heaven above would grant me a red card. She would get cut from Target months later for not getting the job done, just like many others before her. Remember that Arab girl I told you about, well she asked to switch shifts with me and me just accepting without the proper paperwork would later get played. Thinking I had that Friday off, a GSTL would come up to me and ask if I was working that day? I responded with a “No” and told her about the shift change and she would go on to tell me that the girl never accepted the shift change knowing damn well she did! But this GSTL was trying to refrain from laughter which proved that this was a immature joke all along, which was putting myself in harm’s way of getting fired. I had GSTL after GSTL harass me about petty things like working a second job to clocking out 5 mins over.

When I tried to move to a work center better for me, like sales floor (softlines and hardlines), Target would always avoid me about it. When ever I asked a GSTL of that dept. about an opening to crosstrain for, they would always say that they are full when I was told there was openings 2 weeks ago. I was also never to switch because HR would always say my conversions not enough. But the one thing that made me even more upset was the fact that Target would hire seasonal workers and give them a full time spot in the work center I felt I had worked long enough for.  I was always being mocked about that, especially when one of the LOD’s told me “What’s this talk about you going to the sales floor?” which let me know it was the gossip of the month.

So I had to settle with being a cashier while the scandalous four eyed girl would stare me down from Food Ave and laugh me every chance she got with her other friends. She also thought it was cute one night to say where I could hear “Nobody wants you here!” Another coworker also called me a “Piece of S#*t” with the greatest of ease while I was clocking in and even took my phone out of my hands while on the active floor, leading to conflict in public. Him and his friends thought it was funny though, but I told HR and he never really got reprimanded for it. They said that was something confidential and private. I was always being stared down by other coworkers and even asked by one “Why are you so skinny?”  “Why are you so tall?” I couldn’t go to the bathroom when I wanted and LODs  had a fit if I just went without “permission”, told me I had to go on my breaks only. But screw that! You gotta go, you gotta go!

When I was out with food poisoning, HR put out the new schedules. When I came back, I thought I had the current week, since it was under upcoming week schedule’s usual spot. I find out later it was for next week. I ended up getting 2 corrective actions because I missed a scheduled day and for being late to my second day of the week. Now this wasn’t even my fault, as I called in 2 days before to see my return. I let HR have it with this as we went into a huge argument, as I knew this was another ploy to get me terminated and away from them. But in the end, I knew what I had to do. On July 1st of this year, I quit Target and never looked back. But the bad memories are still burned in my psyche, and this was the only way to get it off my chest. I know what goes around comes around, and I hope someday they feel what torment they put me through one day.




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