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November 20, 2016 - Unamedemployee

Team leads suck!!

Let me start by saying I have been at target for a little more then a month. Everything was good. All though now that i think about it there seems to be only four old cashiers every other one has been there as long as me.

Every cashier helps out when the lights is blinking. Especially when they are the newest of the new and have been left with very little training. I and only I (I asked around and no one else has been talked to) was told a week ago that I am not aloud to do that it is a job for only GSLs. Okay I get that so I stopped helping the others.

Yesterday I was pulled aside for many reasons. One I was “late” back from lunch. I clocked out at 3:08 and got back at 3:34. As you all know you can’t clock back in from lunch early. So I sat around waiting for the four minutes to pass. When I got back I let the GSL know, then I went to the bathroom to blow my nose. When I got back GSL and another team member pulled me aside to tell me that I was late back from lunch and should have been back at 3:30. Then told me I could not use the restroom unless I was on break or at lunch. All fine with me.

The thing that got me was when I first started I was told when it was slow I should make the end caps look nice and if any of the candy or gum had run out to move it around. I was told this by the team member who was with the GSL who pulled me aside. They proceeded to tell me that I should not be moving from my register at all and should just be waiting for the “guests” to come to me.

Today I did as I was told. I did not move from my lane. Did not talk to any of the other cashiers. Right before my fifteen I was pulled aside by the team member and told that I need to be making the end caps look good or be waiting for a guest at the front of the lanes when I am not busy. So I told her “Yesterday you told me not to move from my lane” she looked me dead in the eye and told me” clearly that is not what we meant when we told you to stay at you lane.”

I am glad that I have good control over my anger because I was going to pop off on her. How can the same team member change her dam mind so many times in less then twenty four hours.

To top it all off the same team member got one of my “guests” really excided for the red card. I went to sign her up thinking the team member had told her she needed a check. So when the guest had no check we had to cancel because no one wants a credit card for target. I was pulled aside by a different GSL so she could tell me how bad of a job I did for not getting the “guest” a red card. I told her “there was nothing I could do because the lady did not have a check and did not want a credit card.” The GSL told me “You should have kept talking about it tell she got the credit.”

Our “guests” hate us because ask we talk about is the red card that they have turned down so many times. I have just stopped asking unless a “guest” is rude then I keep on them because they are the prime target for Target to reach. The people who would pay more the stay out of Walmart. The bitchy stuck up mom’s who think there kids shit don’t stink even though they have no control over the little shit.

TL;DR the GSLs can’t make there mind up and the “guests” are bitchy.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Wow, sorry for that. Sounds terrible. I've been at target for 9 years about and I'll tell you what cashiers are suppose to do as I am one. So yeah front of the lane to go hi to people wanting in your lane to check out. Asking for do you have a red card, do you want a red card, it can save you 5% now and everyday, get 30 extra days for returns and 10% extra savings every 10 visits to pharmacy to get preschriptions you have. Although IDK now as CVS took over pharmacy for target. When it's slow we even the shelves, put back whats laying around as people put stuff in all kinds of places, put things back to look all forward and great, check your money drawer if you need money or to unfold the change. Also, if you reject the red card as much as I do, just say to GSTLs ok yes I will get a red card for the store, but don't do it. They ask why didn't you get one day after day of course, and you wont get a good raise every year, but overall eventually they just stop asking you to ask for red cards as they don't ask me to keep asking for red cards anymore. Hope this helps you as these are the realities of what I've gone through and what I have done and what has worked out.

  • Silverfox says:

    On the bright side, Target is now being touted as Trump free. It could be worse, Target could be supporting the dick of a president you have after Obama.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    The math does not add up making the rest of your post hard to believe. Let's look at the facts a lunch break also known as a half is 30 minutes. It's a 30 minute unpaid break typically. All 3 retail establishments I've worked at has had the same policy DO NOT PUNCH IN EARLY FROM A HALF. 3:08 to 3:34 is 26 minutes, you would have had to stay punched out to 3:38 or later for it to be a HALF/LUNCH. 15 minute breaks are typically paid BREAKS and you can punch in at all time with out worry because you're already being paid. The team lead said you were suppose to be back at 3:30 which is 22 minutes...................... So all of a sudden a 15 and a half has turned into either 22 minutes or 26 minutes.... Anyways there is no laws requiring anyone to take breaks in most states unless your a minor.

    • MrSharkNasty says:

    • viciousdave says:

      In my state of Minnesota, all jobs have requirements under Minnesota state law work requirements that in 4 hours a 15 minute break will happen anywhere in between, 6 hours of work will have a 15 minute break and a half hour unpaid break, and 8 hours will have a two 15 minute breaks and one half hour unpaid break. If anyone works 10 to 12 hours than two 15 minute breaks will occur with two half hour unpaid breaks. This is labeled in every single place of business in Minnesota according to Minnesota state laws.

    • Unamedemployee says:

      That was the whole point of my post. When I got back at 3:34 I had to wait around for 4 minutes which would have made it 3:38 making it my full 30 minute brake. In the state of Washington you have to have a 30 minute unpaid lunch between hour 4 and 5. The GSL wanted me back at 3:30 making it a 22 minute break which I could not have done because you can't and I mean CANNOT clock in early. I got a talking to because I could not clock in early when they thought I should.

      So my post makes total sense and you were probably missing the point.


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