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March 6, 2015 - Silverfox

Tarshit sinks even lower, listing itself as a creditor being owed another 1.9 billion

just when you think tarshit couldn’t sink any lower, they surprise you.

Somehow they made themselves a creditor in their own bankruptcy declaration. They listed both tarshit usa and their canadian property entity and owing themselves money and most likely paying themselves what they are getting out of the liquidation sale, leaving the suppliers with next to nothing at all.

Tarshit, stop ripping people off damn it. I hope the courts don’t let them get away with it and the suppliers take them to the cleaners considering tarshit is trying to go full steam ahead defrauding it’s suppliers and employees alike.

Better yet hope this goes viral and everyone starts boycotting them, both in canada right now and in the usa as well. These guys deserve to be driven out of business.



🙂 this sounds like good news doesn’t it?




  • rage says:

    Fucking brilliant. This is why no one likes you anymore tarshit! Many of us once viewed you as a respectable company. So much for that notion. Time to kick back and watch this company destroy itself and what little reputation remains.

  • Silverfox says:

    hehe watching them sink will be fun.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    I just don't get how Walmart is so often in the news for their poor work practices, low pay and generally not being good community members
    Yet nothing is ever said about ALL of the other retailers who do the same exact thing. Everyone pays low starting wages, everyone uses the term "flexible" when they mean inconsistent in terms of scheduling and getting the privilege of working "fulltime " is rarely seen during the 1st year of employment. It's just so ridiculous.

    • Silverfox says:

      everyone has to do what walmart does in order to compete. Companies originally who were fair to their employees had to change and do what walmart did in order to compete. That's why there's all this focus on walmart. Getting walmart to change breaks the chain and allows other chains to be able to give their employees better wages and be able to compete still. However costco manages to kick walmart's butt by sticking to it's guns believing it's method was better. Target just tried to ride on costco's coat tails with the whole speal of being nicer. Don't think it's working haha. Costco ended up being the winner kicking their butts. They believed in what they thought was ethical. Stuck to their guns, refused to bow down to shareholder demands. And they ultimately won the war. Now walmart has to follow costco and do what they want walmart to survive, Target will follow sooner or later. They're just kicking and screaming refusing to follow costco like walmart is doing. The management probably think their way is the best and is sticking to their guns even though walmart has admitted defeat and started to follow costco's example instead. Just need to follow costco's guaranteed of hours and we'll be all set.


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