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October 5, 2013 - Junip

Target Watch For Free

So this week on the Target Cartwheel app, there is a coupon for a BOGO free jewelry/watch/sunglasses. Usually, there is always the fine print that says the item of equal or lesser value is the one you get free, but this coupon takes off the higher item.

For example, you can buy a clearance set of earrings for $1.19 and a Timex watch for $49.99 and the coupon gives you the watch for free. Seriously, people were walking out of the store with $50 dollar watches for as little as a $1.

Corporate apparently came out and said that it was not a glitch and they meant to do it, but I call bullshit because on Thursday we were told to no longer accept the coupon. This was short lived because we were accepting it again today.

I personally sold about 20 watches the last two days in about 10 hours of work. The watches ranged from about $20-$50. That’s about $700 that was given away free from just me. We have about 10-15 cashiers each day at my store so that’s about $8400 given away at one store. There are 1,788 Target stores in the US so that’s about $15 million total given away.



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