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January 1, 2014 - mxmom60


I have a close family member that works at Target. YESTERDAY-

Back room, pulling dollar spot items that never made it out for the holidays. PULLED TAGGED AND SALVAGED!!! TONS OF BRAND NEW ITEMS!!! Pencils, glasses, books, food- you name it-it was in there. GARBAGE COMPACTOR was its final resting place. NOT SALVATION ARMY, NOT HOMELESS SHELTER-NOTHING FOR THE NEEDY. This sickens my family member so much. When management was asked WHY not donate it? Answer was-CORPORATE DOESNT LET US. ALSO how about those cleaning people who just throw away all those things that go into the recycle bin out front for customers-right into the compactor!!! OR ALL THE FOOD THAT DOESNT EVER MAKE IT OUT ONTO THE FLOOR FOR PURCHASE THAT SITS IN BACK, EXPIRES, AND GETS TOSSED-YA YOU GUESSED IT TRASH COMPACTOR. CAN WE ALL SAY STORE MISS MANAGED???? Sad thing about it-its been that way for about 6 years now. Maybe the new manager will whip the high school drama club into shape, or just join it like the past managers. West Jordan, Utah




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  • TargetGrunt says:

    I don't know about their store, but at my store we can only donate certain items. Foodstuffs can be donated, but only under certain conditions. From what the market team told me, Target orders more than they actually expect to sell, which leads to a ton of product being thrown away/QMOS'd for no reason. My store probably throws away thousands of dollars worth of donatable product a month. So much for giving back to the community, eh?

  • tpcstudios says:

    My store is just as wasteful but it isn't limited to food. Anytime there is a reset in furniture, infants, electronics, books, toys, etc; they take all of the "showroom" items and place them for disposal at the compactors. All of these items are the same as the items being sold, not dumbed down for display items. The other day, I found a brand new monopoly game, complete with all of its pieces thrown in the trash. The really only care about the money, not the donating to the community they indicate.

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    Sounds about right, my store would bitch and moan all the time about sales and store revenue but would throw away so much stuff Africa wouldn't be a poor continent anymore if it was donated.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol can't they donate and get a tax credit for it?


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