Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 29, 2016 - LV19

Target = Retail’s 7th gate of hell.

Okay folks, before I begin my run down of how shitty a store my Target was, just to give you a little background info on myself, I’m 19 years old, Fresh out of High School, looking for a job that would supply my needs, I decided to target, and it all went downhill the day I was hired.

Now, let’s begin shall we? I filled out the application process on October 10th, and was called the next day to come in for an interview, I thought “Great! A new job!” So, after going through two different interviews with two different leaders, I was hired as a Cashier, making $9.00 an hour. So, my first day of actual work that wasn’t orientation went like this: I showed up early, and was going up to the break room to relax before clocking in, nope, that didn’t happen, I started at 11:30 that morning when I was supposed to start at 12:15 that afternoon, they gave me a book with a bunch of faux cards and checks, and I personally had no idea what to do. So after fumbling with that for 45 minutes or so, I go up to the GSA and told her “I’m finished with the books and stuff, Now what?” She replies: “Can you go get some carts?” Me, thinking nothing of it, said “Sure, I can grab some!” So I was out there for about an hour in the heat, (keep in mind, I live in Vegas where it’s still hot past summer) bringing in 2-3 carts at a time, and then afterwards she says “Oh, that’s not enough, I need you bringing in 6-7 at a time.” And I’m like “My physical limitations don’t allow me to get that many.” So finally, she put me on a register to shadow somebody and learn about the basics. This woman I was shadowing taught me more in 15 minutes about the register than the whole book taught me, and to me, that was a red flag in itself. So, I learned there’s two things with being a target cashier, keep your score “totals” around 85-90%, which is actually harder than it works, especially with guests who want to count out all their damn change or give you all their damn coupons.

So, my first two months there were actually pretty peachy, everyone treated me right, and I was valued, but now after they kept me when my 90 days was up in January, it’s all gone to shit from there, and I’ll detail it as much as I can.


For starters: My old boss who I absolutely adored and loved to be around left for a better job (Which I don’t blame him) and we got this new guy in, this new guy is REDCARD CRAZED. Like, I’ll hear him ask my GSA over the walkie “How many redcards we got?” Every single hour, I’ll hear that and it annoys the shit out of me. Now, onto the two MAIN, HUGE problems we got in our store:


Guests: It seems the younger ones are nice as can be, the old ones however, good lord, they treat you like you’re their slave and they give you the snootiest attitude possible so they can get their way. Always have their nose stuck up in the air and they treat us cashiers like GARBAGE. Like they don’t want to waste their time with us and wish they could walk out the door without paying for their items. And also, some of the foriegn guests are rude too, especially from like, France, Saudi Arabia, etc. They treat us like garbage, and it turns out, the nicest foreign people I’ve come across are from the UK and Australia. That’s just my eyes though.  Also, another thing I hate, I’ll ring up their item, and it comes up as 19.99 for example, Guest: Oh no no no no, it’s 11.99, get manager to make it right. And what does the manager do? Kisses the guest’s ass and changes the price, good job Target. That’s how to lose your fucking money.

Redcards: Good lord. These plastic little shits annoy me, and I hate how you have to ask EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GUEST FOR A FUCKING REDCARD. Like, How the fuck am I supposed to keep my score at a 90 fucking percent if I constantly have to pitch a Redcard to a Custom…er, wait, my mistake, I mean GUEST. 70% of people already have one, and the other 30% don’t want to be bothered with more stupid cards that take up to a week for the transaction to be processed on a debit account, or in the credit one’s case, 23% APR rate, you’re not making any money off of it, even with the 5% discount, which to me is bullshit as it should be either a 20-25% discount to make it sweeter for the guests, or turn it into a rewards card like all the other stores have. And trust me, I’ve had some interesting replies from guests when I pitch my recard. Like, let’s take tonight for example.

Me: Would you like to save 5% tonight by getting a Redcard?

Guest: No, No, and No. Save your spiel for someone else.

Me (Again): Hello Ma’Am, would you like to save 5% tonight by getting a Target Redcard?

Different guest: Never, you know what that word means right? N-E-V-E-R!

And at the end of my shift tonight, I was zoning the card wall, and my manager pulls me aside cause he wants to “talk to me.” I shall call him “M” for this conversation.

M: Hey George, I need to talk to you.

Me: What’s up sir?

M: Well, we have a problem. Your cashier speed is incredibly low, and it’s affecting the whole rest of the store.

Me: Well, I didn’t know a 77% constitues as very low.

M: It does.

Me: And also, my goal as set by my GSTL was to climb to a 85%, then worry about that 90% later.

M: Well I don’t want to worry about you getting there “Later”, I want you to focus on getting it there, IMMEDIATELY.

Me: I’m trying my best man.

M: Well your best isn’t good enough, and if your speed doesn’t increase I may be forced to either stand behind you and critque you on your job performance. Or, put you on corrective action, or give you a write up for your slow speeds cause this affects your Job Performance. Badly.

Me: I see, thanks for telling me, and good night.

So… with all that, looks like I’m getting ready to quit real soon. Should I just stop going into work in that case? Cause that’s what I’m thinking. Cause this job is affecting me, personally, professionally, and emotionally… And I don’t want to deal with that kind of bullshit anymore.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    I would have told him off right then and there. You still should! Tell him he has terrible leadership skills and that those numbers are only used for intimidation instead of actual production. Then just leave and never go back.

    • LV19 says:

      Thanks Shark. That's actually what happened too the following day, LOL. Cause I went into work, and tried to clock in, and it said: Team Member number not found. So I go to see the LOD (Which was him.) And he informed me that I was fired cause of my slow speed scores. So I turned in my badge and shit, and said "Here ya go, and go fuck yourself." So I left, then I called the hotline and reported every single one of them assholes for their awful treatment of myself. And now they're handling it.

  • Viberator says:

    So... This story raises a couple of questions with me.

    You were hired in early October and let go in late February? Definitely past the 90 day probationary period.

    Other than verbal coachings on your performance, did you ever receive a CCA? If not, you may want to contact a lawyer.

    • LV19 says:

      Yes, that is correct Viberator. I was hired October 10, 2015, and let go on February 29, 2015.. (The day I made said post here.) And other than some verbal coachings on my performance up to that point by the GSTL, I recieved no CCA at all... Now that you mention it, it sounds awfully shady to me.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Too bad you didn't quit the day that jerk gave you attitude. But yeah, then firing you after your 90 days with no prior written documentation about your performance is a big red flag. Seems like they are doing some shady stuff at that store. I wouldn't put it past them to have written up documents and forging your signature on them because Target is VERY specific on its termination policy and having a certain amount of documentation before they can fire you. The exception being TMs during their probationary 90 day period.

    • LV19 says:

      Yeah, I agree there TM, they've been operating very shadily (Is that even a word? LOL) ever since the old ETL left for a Logistics job, and the new one got transferred over there, And, here's the best part, according to some Target TM's I talked to, that guy had only 90 days target experience, and all his degrees were CULINARY degrees... So that raises a red flag with me of " Why are you here and not in some kitchen being Chef Gordon Ramsay 2.0?" But yes, I agree with you there, especially on the documentation thing with my forged signature too... And yes, they are Assholes. Or Asshats, whichever one ya prefer. 😛


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