Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 18, 2014 - a.wess63

Target northlake

Been with this store for about 2 years, and when you’re hired they make all these bullshit promises about your pay, hours advancement opportunities ect, all lies. They have unrealistic expectations like they want you to zone, do reshop, answer calls for 2 hardlines sections on top of doing pulls and going up for guest first damn near every time you turn around because they don’t schedule enough cashiers and the ones on the lanes move slow af. They expect all of this to be flawlessly done in a 6 hour shift, sometimes less, otherwise They’re taking you in the office for counseling. They use hardlines team members in electronics in an effort to save themselves money. Electronics makes more than we do, so if I’m back there and have the same responsibilities and work they do, I should be getting electronic pay, not the bs they give us on the rest of the floor. I applied for an electronics position but was denied by leaders for personal reasons. My numbers are always green, I have product knowledge and I know the job, but I don’t kiss ass so I’m not qualified. Our new store manager is an ignorant lazy individual and the new human resources etl is her right hand, just as ignorant and lazy as she is. The store they came from is closing soon, so now They’re looking for any reason to fire us, and fill our positions with their team members from stonecrest. I can’t speak on any other location, but the northlake store in Ga sucks and I wouldn’t recommend working here to anybody. Sadly, the above is just a small fraction of all the crap that goes on here.




  • viciousdave says:

    Sounds the same as my store other than new store manager and firing stuff for new but carried over guys. Well if you like the back and still being called up all the time we need backup, get up here now please calls than stay back there. Otherwise I would for sure go for an instant I would like a be a cashier. Why? Cashier is the easiest job of the store. I've been cashier for 7 years about. It's not fun, guests being all double paper bag, I walkin, and no no I want those eggs in a separate bag plastic. Heavy stuff on bottom that's easy to always know, cans on bottom, light stuff on top, blah blah. Easy stuff. Remembering the buttons and learning them is also easy, just make sure to ask an experienced cashier to help you for the more complex stuff if you want to know all the controls for guests who get mad and want price adjusts that we have to do according to GSTLs up to $20 dollars and than ask for GSTL approval. So we can only put $5 instant off coupons and no more or it asks for GSTL approval codes. Cashier, way less work, just have to be annoyed like crap about make sure red cards are sold, red cards, we need red card sales, guarantee me at least one. Crap GSTLs get a bonus when you get one, that's why they want it so bad. But why them? Why they get the bonus, while we work our but off to the guest while they just stand around and never do anything? Oh well, I'd say it still be way easier than back room though.

  • Silverfox says:

    let's see they are closing stores down there and losing money up here. Things don't look very bright for ole target


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