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August 25, 2013 - target9090

Target is the real world Game of Thrones..

Long story short I’ve been with Target 10 years now.  All 10 years being in the food side mostly as Produce TL, now Senior TL.  I’ve been cross trained in Meat (when we used to do actual cuts), Deli, Bakery, Starbucks, Food Ave, Grocery, LOD you name it.  Safe to say I know my shit.  I’m still employed with Target and for the life of me I don’t know why.  I have my 4 year from a decent school here in CO (CU).  I just have this hope that one day it will all change and become better.  I do honestly like working produce and interacting with guest and with the down to earth “real” team members.  My first few years when I started in 2002 were awesome.  Everything just went smoothly till the influx of new ETL’s, STL’s, HR’s.  It all went down hill fast.

I’ve never seen such a place where deceit and backstabbing were the norm.  People will look you right in the eye while they stab you in the back.  The amount of gossip and crap from people who are supposed to be adults is amazing.  Its like being in High school with 40 year olds.  You have to constantly look over your shoulder in fear that you may of pissed off the wrong person or god forbid they don’t like you.  Words of warning never trust ANYONE at Target.  If your smart you’ll keep your mouth shut and fit in OR you will be fired one way or another.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my ETL tell me they didn’t like someone or someone wasn’t up to “Target’s” expectations and to get rid of them.  Oh but the easy way of getting rid of people to save the coaching/write ups/time is to strangle them with no hours till they quit.  It works eventually it always does.  If it wasn’t for the pay and for the sense of guilt of leaving 10 years behind I’d tell them to fuck off and quit before my next shit at 9 am tomorrow.

This post is long but its a rant 10 years in the making.  Only people who work/worked at Target will ever understand the soul sucking place that is.  Yes its retail I’ve heard that BS argument before but Target is a whole different animal.  They have fucking with you and demoralizing you down to a science.  No matter what you do, how hard you work, how much you smile it will never be enough.  So if your one of those fools at Target working your hands to the bone, extra hours, putting away massive produce loads, doing extra pulls for grocery just so you think you have a chance at promotion I’ll save you some time and pain now.  The only way to get anywhere at Target is to play the game.

If your good at playing the game you can get whatever you want out of Target.  That’s how I got my position as a mighty (pathetic) Senior TL.. (eye roll) You need to learn to play people.  Get your chap stick out, lube ready cause you need to do some ass kissing among other things..  Once you learn how to fit in and play the fake game with everyone its easy.  Kiss ass/fake befriend the right people, become a sheep and you can make decent pay and hate waking up for work too!


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