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September 3, 2015 - TargetMadeMeAnAlcoholic

Target has turned me into an Alcoholic

After 3 years of working for them I’m sick of it. Every weekend after work, me and a group of co-workers go out to the bars just to forget the awful week we just had at work. We talk shit about the employees we hate  and our supervisors only to forget everything that was said the next day. We all used to love working at Target. But in the past few months our store has gone to hell. We have lost 3 of our best managers in the last 4 months and the ones that were hired to replace them don’t know how to do there damn job. Not to mention the fact that there is such a shortage of team members in the store that they always barrow team members from other departments and stick them in ones they have never worked before. We are just peons hired to do the ETLs every last whim no matter how ridiculous. It has gotten to the point where you don’t recognize anyone in the store anymore because they are constantly losing old team members because of management and hiring new ones. Even then the new ones never stay because of how bad of an environment the store is. Ok done venting. I got a little drunk after work and had to vent a little bit.


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  • Viberator says:

    You say alcoholic like its a bad thing... there are certainly worse things you could have become.

  • Jairbear_Onesock says:

    We call it T.I.A - Target induced alcoholism.
    It's right there with PTSD - Post target stress disorder and T.I.D.A.S - Target induced depression and suicidal behavior.


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