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August 5, 2013 - Chris. 349

Target Benefits: Not this Time!

A few months ago I went on paid vacation. I didn’t go anywhere fancy or anything, I just needed a break from the work atmosphere. When I came back on coincidently payday, I had a suprise almost as big as life. Target wasn’t going to pay me for the vacation hours I’d just used. Target thought it was okay to only pay me for the week that I worked. So in essence Target thinks I should pay the bills with only one weeks pay with a part time job. I talked with HR about it, even though I was furious. HR looked me straight in the eyes as if this were normal procedure and said, that because I didn’t submit my request for paid vacation on the E-HR it didn’t go through. I don’t like E-HR it always wants me to reset my password, which is why I asked to apply for paid vacation through a paper application. I don’t understand why Target is trying to force everyone to use electronics, when they don’t work properly msot the time. I had a gut feeling that was going to happen but I ignored it and threw away the recipt. I was eventually given a voucher and what I was owed in cash but this was the first in many incident to tell me things are going to start going very wrong.


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