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November 7, 2015 - Tired2

Target appleton east

To the flow team leader and her boss at target appleton east in wisconsin you both can kick rocks! Learn to stop picking on people and be genuinely nice not only to the people you favor. Glad i left couldnt be happier and to rest of the flow team members….good luck cuz that place will never change!


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  • viciousdave says:

    I know, all the leaders of any where are always come on do it faster, we got a lot to do. Why didn't you get it all done damn it? We need trash, waiting for LOD in back for trash compactor door, wait 20 mintues, hello, cart atendant we needs carts bad on grocery, um hello, still waiting for garbage to be emptied to I can use the large garbage bin to get the trash because using carts is said to be bad and leaves nastiness all over the floor. Back room, we have several boxes tonight, 2 trailers came in let's do it. Got half of one done the whole team in 2 hours. Leader is like oh come on we need it get it done faster if we are ever gonna get this done guys damn it. Hmm? Um yeah, were going to stock everything these 350 or so boxes, 20 big bikes, and all of this small little tiny candy stuff in stock in 8 hours? Yeah right, we're human ahole target leaders.

  • Tired2 says:

    Whoever disliked this wtf? Lol really?!!! All they did was nag or walk around talking to their friends or walk around with a cart pretending to work! My favorite....hiding up in the offices waiting for you at the end of the day to bitch at you for something you "said or did" two freaking weeks ago! Get a life really its TARGET


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