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  • November 24, 2013 - chilllwavess

    Only my second day and i’m already stressed!

    So, I started working at Target in the softlines section yesterday. I am working seasonal. This is my first job EVER. I’ve never had previous cash register experience or retail experience at all. Yesterday, I was only trained on the register for about an hour and a half-2 hours. I think I got the hang of using the register, but i’m definitely not perfect yet! I’m pretty slow. Today was my second day and I was being trained in the softlines section. First of all, I feel like everything has been so unorganized. My originally-designated trainer didn’t even know she was supposed to be training me! So a team leader just chose a random worker from softlines to train me. Then a manager found me while my trainer was away at one point, and asked me to backup on the cash registers but I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t even “in the system” yet.

  • April 12, 2013 - discodork

    I feel like I’m the target!

    So I started in November of last year as a seasonal person and when the season was over I got handed the paper that said such n such of a date was my last day. Which I was pretty ok with not coming back at that point I thought well its not my loss so I will just stick it out until then. I did stick it out and it was about three days until my last day and my TL gave me a call and said well we decided to keep you some hours just open up and we chose you! I wanted to cry but not for joy at all. I was like well shit I need a job for rent and bills and that sort of thing so I was like …. sure I’ll stay (already knowing how much I was going to hate it)

    So that TL was on and off for our store to train to be a LOD at another store so she could move up at a totally different store. This one particular TM in the area I worked in which was softlines, was training to be a TL. I asked where is she going to be a TL because someone told me that you cannot be a TL over the area you were in before because then everyone you worked with would look at you like you are still the same with no power over them, basically they wouldn’t respect you at all, which I could see that. Well as time went on the TL we had moved on a month before her date for the new store and the girl training for TL got her spot. (So I guess what I said before is not true, about being over a different area that is, the respect thing is though).

  • April 6, 2013 - FDEG4161

    Target Needs to BURN

    I worked for Target for about a month before I got canned a couple of days ago; and I’m not even depressed that about it. It was a nice experience at first, but after a while it just became ridiculous and I found myself disgusted. I had heard stories that Wal-Mart treated their employees like crap, but Target has taken that crown.

    When I applied to Target, I was supposed to be interviewed for a Hardlines position. The ETL I interviewed with seemed pretty excited to have me, but I think that excitement quickly faded when he realized that I actually posed some kind of threat to his job (I’m a college graduate and I grew up around a family business, so I wasn’t a spring chicken). He actually at one point looked me dead in the face and said, “I better be careful, or I just might lose my job to you”. At first I took that as a compliment, thinking that he actually appreciated my prowess and my desire to learn. NOPE! After my drug test and background check came back, HR called me and said that they could not offer me a position in Hardlines, but rather a position in Softlines. This should have sent up a huge red flag for me, but instead I brushed it off and accepted the job  anyway. Target’s little anti-union video should have been my second red flag, but again, I dismissed and ignored it.