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  • April 12, 2013 - discodork

    I feel like I’m the target!

    So I started in November of last year as a seasonal person and when the season was over I got handed the paper that said such n such of a date was my last day. Which I was pretty ok with not coming back at that point I thought well its not my loss so I will just stick it out until then. I did stick it out and it was about three days until my last day and my TL gave me a call and said well we decided to keep you some hours just open up and we chose you! I wanted to cry but not for joy at all. I was like well shit I need a job for rent and bills and that sort of thing so I was like …. sure I’ll stay (already knowing how much I was going to hate it)

    So that TL was on and off for our store to train to be a LOD at another store so she could move up at a totally different store. This one particular TM in the area I worked in which was softlines, was training to be a TL. I asked where is she going to be a TL because someone told me that you cannot be a TL over the area you were in before because then everyone you worked with would look at you like you are still the same with no power over them, basically they wouldn’t respect you at all, which I could see that. Well as time went on the TL we had moved on a month before her date for the new store and the girl training for TL got her spot. (So I guess what I said before is not true, about being over a different area that is, the respect thing is though).

  • January 12, 2013 - screwthisshit85

    So long Target, you bitch

    As predicted I have been “let go” at the end of the season despite always showing up for work, never making any trouble, always being on time, always being polite to the “guest,” and complying with all of the ridiculous demands of the TLs, GSAs, GSTLs, LODs and everyone else with a power complex and nothing better to do then harass the other team members. I can’t say I’m too sad to have been let go though, because honestly this has to have been one of the worst job experiences I have ever had.

    I loved knowing that every time I went into work somebody else was going to get on my ass for not following a rule for a job that I had never been trained on. I also loved knowing that all the team leads and GSTL’s were going to treat me like I was a moronic misbehaving child in front of the customers despite having done nothing wrong. Watching all of the team leads and their favorite team members get together and make fun of the other team members like they were still in fucking middle school was always a treat. And it’s great that my competency was what made the team leads hate me but also give me all the extra tasks at the same time.

  • Almost a year they have had me by the balls! Oh god fml! I am going to have a lot of post here lol. Well one time a etl stl or who ever the hell boss she is said I can’t ware my work gloves when the lites come on (store opens) , now I use them because opening a ton of boxes dryers ur hand ridiculously and on plano team handling all the rough peg hooks and sharp label holder is hell. So we have the big wigs come check on our store o.e day to see how the store is and what the employees are worth and maybe what they think lol. So after I answer all her bs questions she give me a shot to talk, I say why is it a rule I can’t where protection for my hands? I state my case to her and who said I can’t ware them and she says she will look into it. Month or so later the,boss or what ever say come here have to tell you something, I’m like oh great, she says im supposed to tell you sir you may ware ur gloves. I’m shocked lol lil man wins a round. Turns out she didn’t like the way the few of us looked, not big trash man gloves,or the ones walmart slaves ware nice clean looking black sure grip gloves. Makes me mad a person of power could make their own rules and get away with it if we don’t speak up!
    While on the dress code why can I not ware shorts ? They say a safety issue! Ok hmmmm women can ware skirt? And the one who does eehhw should not. target is so cheap the heating and a/c is controlled in another state and summer time the store is a sweat shop and winte it feels like it should snow inside! There is a lot of bs u have to deal with working here. I am accustomed to construction where getting the job done and rite isthe main concern! Please pray for me to find a job back in that are where I am payed for what I do and not how well I kiss ass! If your ok with a bullseye on ur buttocks and target bending you over hitting it from the back its the job for you! Good luck